The Problems of Believing a Big Lottery Win

The Problems of Believing a Big Lottery Win

Believing that you’ve won a big prize is often difficult to do. That has certainly been the case for a player from Missouri, USA, who won a $100,000 scratchcard prize.

His big win came playing a $5 ‘$100,000 Prize Multiplier’ scratchcard last month. Two days after his windfall, he told the Missouri Lottery that he still doesn’t believe what had happened. “I never thought anything like that would happen to me.”

Now that’s a rather predictable comment and a strange one really. If you never think anything winning $100,000 will happen to you, why spend money trying to win it?

The win that he thought would never happen came after buying a scratchcard from the North Side Convenience in Marshall, Missouri. The scratchcard caught his eye, so he decided that was the one to buy.

“Right time, right place,” the winner said. “That could’ve been the person right behind me.” That’ll please whoever it was who was behind him in the queue. There have been instances in the past where someone has let another person go ahead of them and then they go and win a big lottery prize.

His scratchcard got off to a good start by matching one of the required numbers. At that stage, he was already guaranteed a $5,000 win so was feeling pretty good. Then he took another look at his scratchcard and his day suddenly got even better.

“I realized it was a multiplier ticket. I scratched and it was a 10X. It was $50,000 already,” said the shocked player. He kept scratching his ticket and eventually he discovered it was worth $100,000. Immediately he decided to wake up his girlfriend and tell her the news.

The scratchcard winner admits that “I mess with her a lot”, so unsurprisingly she didn’t believe a word of what he told her. Eventually she did realize that he was telling the truth. His parents were next to be told and they didn’t believe him until seeing the scratchcard.

“My mom’s eyes just kept getting bigger,” said the scratchcard winner. “She said it was a winner, and then I said, ‘Ok, now show Dad!” he added.

Another Missouri Lottery player still in disbelief is the winner of a $288,000 Show Me Cash jackpot in the February 28 draw. The female winner said of her success: “You don’t expect it and then, ‘wow” You won!”

Her ticket had been purchased in Chillicothe and the day after the draw, she heard the jackpot had been won by a local player. More in hope perhaps the player wondered if she was the winner. She scanned her Show Me Cash ticket at a gas station and discovered her big win. Not of course that the winner initially believed their success, they never do of course.