Your Guide to Free Online Slots

While it is tempting to dive straight into playing an online slot that you like the look of, we would advise you against it, at least for now. What we would suggest is playing the slot machine for free. It might sound crazy and something that you believe you have no interest in doing but hear us out. There are many top reasons why you should always play free online slots before wagering real money on games. Here at GambleHero, we want to introduce you to a few of them…

Are Free Slots the Same as Free Spins?

One of the biggest mistakes new slot players make is assuming that free slots are the same as free spins. They are not – not by a long way. Free spins are either a bonus offer provided by the casino as a reward for joining their site or playing with them or a bonus round triggered inside a slot game by players. Both could potentially see you win real money.

By contrast, you are never going to win real money with free online slots. Instead, these games are played with “artificial money”. When you reload the game, your fake balance is restored. Free online slots are essentially demo games that you can try as many times as you like. If you cannot win real money with them, what is their purpose then? We are glad you asked…

Why Play Free Online Slots?

There are a few different reasons why you might decide to play online slots for free. We would not say that one reason is more important than the other. Every player has their reasons for playing free slots, but here are the takeaways:

  • You can learn if a slot appeals to you before you wager real money on it by playing free slot games.
  • You can test out betting strategies to gauge how much playing the game will cost you beforehand.
  • If you do not trust what you have read in a slot review, you have the option of putting a slot to the test for yourself and at no risk.
  • You can learn how its features work, what is the optimal setup to play for your budget, and how its bonus rounds are triggered.
  • If you come across two slots with the same theme and similar features but come from different developers, you can “test drive” them to see which appeals to you the most.
  • You will get a rough idea of how often it pays out. This can help with deciding whether you think there is value for money to be had with the game.

Most importantly, you can learn all the above (and a fair few other things) long before you risk your hard-earned cash betting on the slot.

Can All Slots Be Played for Free?

In most cases, every slot machine can be played for free somewhere. You may have heard that progressive jackpot slots cannot be played for free. That is not actually true. Even progressives can be played for free. Admittedly, the features that would generally lead to a jackpot bonus round will be disabled, so you will not get to test out those aspects. However, all the other features of jackpot slots will be playable. We are yet to see a major slot machine that is not available to play for free.

What About Other Casino Games?

Free to play casino games are not just reserved for slot lovers, either. Most other casino games are available to play as demo games. Everything from baccarat to blackjack, craps to keno, video poker, table poker, roulette and even online scratch cards have free-to-play versions. However, there is one exception that is certainly worth pointing out. You will not be able to play live dealer casino games for free.

While that sounds like a bit of a drag, it is relatively easy to see why this is the case. Live dealer internet casino games are played over a video stream with a real-to-life human dealer. They do not have time to babysit players who want to experiment for free. Fortunately, this is not as big an issue as it sounds. Most live dealer table games have RNG (random number generator) equivalents in casinos. These computer-based options are free to play. Just practice on those and take what you have learned to the live dealer tables later, as in many cases, the rules in both games will be near identical.

Where Can I Find Free Online Slots?

You do not have to look far to find free online slots. Here at GambleHero, we are happy to point you in the right direction. Aside from our slot reviews, you can also find free-to-play slots at most online casinos and at the websites of the software providers who develop these games. In many cases, you will not even need to sign-in to play free slots.

Free online slots are a precious tool to have in your arsenal. As we have said, we would not recommend playing any slot for real money until you have given it a good run in for free first. By doing so, you can guarantee that you are not going to be disappointed when it comes time to risk your real money on quality slots.