Vikings Slot Review

The Vikings TV series released its 6th and final series back in 2020. Just like Game of Thrones, it left a lot of people asking for more. NetEnt has decided to chip in and be the answer you needed. Now, you can also get to be part of the Vikings while gambling online.

The slot comes with so many interesting and easily relatable features for fellow Vikings fans. Therefore, do not miss out; get to be part of the fans and stars playing this fun slot game for real money.

Vikings Slot Overview

The slot game is clearly based on the Vikings TV series and was orchestrated by NetEnt. The game comes with 5×7 reels and there are specifically 243, up to 78125, ways that you can get to win. There are plenty of graphics that you can get to relate to from the Vikings Series. Popular characters that you can get to relate to include Ragnar, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Floki.

The 7 raid spins are some of the popular features that you can get to enjoy from the game. This is not the only feature that we are going to be looking at in this review. Therefore, do not miss out on all the gaming that the game has to offer.

There are over 27 symbols that you can enjoy on the Viking’s slot. In addition, there are massive payouts that you can get as well when you get that mega-money jackpot.

Playing Vikings Slots for real Money Online

NetEnt definitely went all out on their Vikings slot game. You will definitely enjoy the fun theme and getting the chance to play with your favourite TV Heroes. Furthermore, you can hit the Autoplay button for even more fun gaming online. The option can give you 1000 automatic spins, or until the Raid Spins are triggered, or even until you reach the limit that you would have set it to.

The game also games with a favorable RTP of 96.05% and you will at least get one win out of the 5 spins that you would have made as it comes with a hit frequency of 18.05%. There is so much fun-filled in this slot game that you might just end u spending more than you intended to.

The minimum bet is set at 0.20 credits while the maximum is 100 credits. When you place a bigger stake, you will get to win even more real money as compared to smaller bets.   You can get to win up to 1000 times your original bet when you use the raid spins option.  Without that, you will stand a chance to win 607.5 times your original stake

Vikings Symbols and Payouts

All your favorite Viking actors can be found on the slot reels. Therefore, you can get to see what Ragnar Lothbrok has to offer under the chieftainship.  Other popular symbols include the popular Lagertha, Floki, and Bjorn. The Vikings symbol is definitely the most rewarding symbol of the slots. If you manage to get the symbol across all 7 of your reels, then you can get to win up to 7 times that original stake that you would have made.

Other symbols that you will come across include the popular A, K, J, Q, and 10 symbols. Usually, these will give you a lower payout than the normal Vikings payout that you will be used to. Therefore, you will have to keep your fingers crossed that you will find the popular Viking characters on the reels instead.

Vikings Bonus Features

There are three main bonus features that you can get to find on the Vikings slot. There is the Hotspot bonus feature, the Raid spins feature, and the shield wall feature. These come with different bonus offers and features for their players.

Hotspot Feature: This will be triggered when you manage to get one of the main characters of the Vikings Slot to land on the Hotspot that is usually set on the 3rd reel. All the other symbols will change into the character that would have landed on the Hotspot.

Shield wall Feature: this is more like the Wild feature of the game as it gets to transform other slots into different symbols and features.

The Raid Spins: this will give you your biggest real money win on the slot only when you manage to get three of them placed on the reels of the game.

Mobile Gaming

You can also get to play the game on your mobile device. Therefore, do not miss out on any gaming from your Android or iOS device

Vikings Slot Review – GambleHero Verdict

The Vikings slot has some of the best graphics which makes it one of the best depictions of the TV series that we have seen of far. Therefore make sure that you are signed up and you are guaranteed of having top real money gaming.

The Vikings slot FAQS

Is there a mobile version of the Vikings slot?

Yes, there is. Get the chance to play the Vikings slot game from your iOS or Android mobile device.

How many bonus features can I get from the Vikings Slot?

There are three main bonus features, the Hotspot, the shield, and the raid spins feature. All these are triggered by the main characters of the game.

Can I win reel money with the Vikings slots?

Yes, you can.  There are plenty of real money deals waiting for you in the Vikings slot from free spins, multipliers and so many more.