Cryptocurrency Gambling in the UK – A Complete Guide

Cryptocurrency Betting in the UK

Gambling online with cryptocurrencies is likely to be a new experience for many UK casino players. One of the fastest-growing sectors in the internet betting world, cryptocurrency gambling is not as straightforward as joining an online or mobile casino and depositing with your credit card. There are a few things that stand out that deserve your close attention. For instance, not all games can be played with cryptocurrencies; obtaining cryptocurrencies is different from making standard casino deposits, and a variety of new bonuses and promotions could come your way.

To help you navigate any potential cryptocurrency minefields, you encounter when playing online, GambleHero has put together this handy website. When you stick with us, we will show you the ropes, explain how things work, and have you up to speed and virtually ready to bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies as your favourite casinos in minutes. So, whether you desire to learn how to acquire cryptocurrencies, how to find the best sites, or even want a heads up on some terminology, consider GambleHero, your one-stop guide to all things cryptocurrency gambling-related online.

Cryptocurrency Betting in the UK

One of the questions many UK casino players interested in cryptocurrency ask is: “is cryptocurrency betting legal in the UK?” After all, there are not many UK Gambling Commission licensed crypto betting sites available. The answer to this gambling question is a resounding “yes”. You do not have to dig for long to find proof of this in the UKGC’s own rules.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission clearly states that it is not illegal for any UK-licensed casinos to accept cryptocurrencies. However, strict rules and gambling regulations are in place, and the operators must adhere to these to legally accept crypto payments from bettors. Amongst the things that they are required to do is stick to the UKGC’s strict terms on AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) standards.

This means that one of the benefits of cryptocurrencies – anonymity – is significantly reduced when playing at UK crypto casinos. However, this anonymity is only really in demand in countries where gambling is illegal, and you need a convenient payment method offering such a service. In the UK, gambling is legal, so this is a small sacrifice for cryptocurrency casinos to have a legal, trusted, transparent, licensed, and secure service.

Cryptocurrency gameplay in the UK is growing all the time. In 2021 alone, both VISA and PayPal have decided to open their services to cryptocurrencies. You can now use either as an exchange to rapidly purchase (and sell) leading digital currencies. This will make things even easier for players at UK casinos to get involved with crypto betting online.

Who are these casinos that provide such a service, though? Should you play at any site which accepts cryptocurrencies? Let us get straight to the heart of the issue in the next section.

The Best Crypto Casinos for UK Players

You should never hurriedly sign up to any online casino that comes your way. Instead, you should always be selective about the site you register at. The United Kingdom is one of the most heavily regulated, secure, and fair countries in the world when it comes to internet betting, and there is a great deal of attention paid to player protection. This should not be flushed down the toilet by choosing to play at a dodgy casino. So, how do you find the UK’s best crypto casinos?

Ideally, any top UK cryptocurrency you choose to join will fulfil all sorts of criteria. GambleHero has taken the liberty to include the most important ones below. They include:

  • Cryptocurrency-friendly, or cryptocurrency only? Not all of the UK’s top casinos accept cryptocurrencies. Some do not accept them at all, others may only accept digital currency options, and many accept both cryptocurrencies and British pounds sterling. If you are new to betting online with cryptos, we would strongly suggest the latter, as this gives you a learning curve, if you like, to slowly make the jump from GBP to BTC, ETH, LTC or any other cryptocurrency you choose. More importantly, if you do not like the experience, you can switch back to your FIAT currency with ease.
  • Accepting Your Cryptocurrency: For many crypto casino players, Bitcoin will do nicely. However, there are those of you who may prefer or favour another digital currency option. What about Ethereum? Litecoin? Maybe Dogecoin? Always play at a casino that accepts the cryptocurrency you want to play with, and check this before you sign up.
  • Fairness, Security and Player Protection: The UK’s best cryptocurrency casinos are those which operate within the law. As discussed, this means that they will have dropped the anonymity issue in favour of a KYC verification process which also handles anti-money laundering and underage gambling issues. However, that is not all a site should offer. There should also be various responsible gambling tools, such as deposit caps, opt-outs, and cool-down periods.There should be self-exclusion options. A casino should also have transparent and fair terms and conditions, and its games (and payments) should be audited to ensure that the RNGs and house edges are up to scratch. Lastly, any top crypto casino will be licensed. While a UKGC license is the most ideal, a crypto casino licensed out of Curacao or Malta is not bad either if third-party auditors regulate them.
  • Great Games and Plenty of Them: Long gone are the days when crypto casinos could only offer a handful of in-house, proprietary games. Instead, modern cryptocurrency casinos feature titles from a wealth of providers, including prominent names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming (amongst others). A top cryptocurrency betting site should offer you access to hundreds, if not thousands, of games spanning all sorts of genres. We will look at this section in more detail shortly.
  • Bag a Bonus or Two: Just because you are playing with cryptocurrencies does not mean that you should not be entitled to claim a cryptocurrency bonus. The best sites will carry deposit offers, welcome packages, free spins and no deposit deals, slot tournaments, table game competitions and monthly specials, and VIP and loyalty deals for cryptocurrency users in much the same way that casinos do for FIAT currency players. There may also be a few added promos, such as faucets. The most important thing here is that crypto bonuses also have fair terms and conditions such as maximum win caps, minimum deposit limits, and dreaded playthrough rates or wagering requirements.
  • A Learning Curve for Newbies: Some of you will not have a scooby about playing with cryptocurrencies online, and that should be okay. As well as the resources at GambleHero, you should also be able to fall back on various resources and guides at top cryptocurrency casinos. The best sites will provide you with all the info you need when you need it. Expect to see FAQ guides, how to deposit, how to play and specific guides educating you on how cryptocurrencies work. It is a fair bit of reading but required reading, nonetheless. Any top crypto casino worth its salt will provide you with these tools and guides, as well as live chat, telephone, and e-mail support when you need it, from a friendly and efficient customer support team.

Of course, there are many other things that a top UK cryptocurrency casino can do, too. Some will provide mobile-friendly gameplay, some will provide BTC-friendly games, and others will even deliver sports betting options to the masses, perhaps even bingo, poker, or lottery betting options. Ultimately, though, these are trinkets and can vary from site to site. What you really want is to make sure that your choice of cryptocurrency casino meets all the requirements listed above. If they do, they are likely to be a top place to play.

We naturally would not expect you to go hunting for casinos using our checklist alone. Of course, you can do, and we do not doubt that you would be able to find a wealth of top sites to play at. However, why over complicate things? GambleHero is your guide for betting with cryptocurrencies online, and we have put together a top selection of the best-recommended cryptocurrency casinos for UK players. Do not hesitate to read our reviews, check out our hottest sites and learn why we believe that these represent the business’s best cryptocurrency casinos. We can promise you that if you choose one of our recommended crypto sites, you will be playing at some of the best in the business.

Using Cryptocurrencies to Bet Online

Now that you know a bit about the types of casinos you can play at, it is worth examining how betting online with cryptocurrencies work. This process is a touch different from wagering with British pound sterling, so allow GambleHero to explain:

As you are probably aware, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency option. It is not tied to central banks, so it is deregulated. As a result, they can be highly volatile, varying in value from one week to the next. We are sure that you have seen sudden spurts of growth in Bitcoin in the news, so you will be familiar with this concept.

Cryptocurrencies run on a ledger known as the Blockchain. This records all the transactions made using cryptocurrencies, with transactions processed by Miners, who Mine cryptocurrencies (a form of payment) for their troubles.

Cryptocurrencies are stored in a Wallet. This may be an online, digital wallet or one stored on a device, such as a computer or mobile phones. You will also have the option of keeping any cryptocurrencies you own on hardware wallets, such as specialised USBs and other devices. Each wallet has a specialised address which you can use to make transactions to the Blockchain and on to another cryptocurrency user, or in our case, a casino. For simplicity, think of crypto wallets like conventional e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller, and you will have touched on the basic idea.

There are now hundreds of different cryptocurrencies out there that you can use, but only a handful are accepted at mainstream online casinos. Here are a few of the major ones and what they bring to the table:

If you are starting out with cryptocurrency gambling for the very first time, we would recommend using one of those listed above. There is a wealth of crypto information about these out there on the internet for you to peruse. We will go over the basics of acquiring cryptocurrencies in the next section, too.

Taking Your First Steps

Before you can even begin to bet at cryptocurrency casinos, you will first need to acquire cryptos and store them in a wallet. This is a bit fiddly, but if you follow these steps, we are convinced that you will grasp the basics well enough to start amassing cryptocurrencies in your wallet straight away. Here is what you need to do…

  • Acquire a Wallet: The first step involves getting yourself a wallet. It is not good to purchase cryptocurrency if you do not have somewhere to store it. As mentioned, there are hardware, local and online wallets that you can use. While online wallets are typically free of charge, a decent hardware-based one can set you back up to £100 or so. We would recommend reading about the perk and pitfalls of each wallet, so you can get an idea of what they offer. You should also decide which cryptocurrency you wish to use. Make sure that the wallet you go for is compatible with that cryptocurrency by reading about it online.
  • Visit an Exchange: Cryptocurrencies are usually purchased in exchanges. Peer-to-peer transactions can see you purchase cryptocurrency from a seller at an exchange or buy it directly at some sites. It is crucial that casino players understand how much their chosen cryptocurrency is currently worth. Monitor its patterns and value to ensure that you purchase cryptocurrencies when they are at their least valuable. This way, you will be getting a good deal and will not be paying over the top to acquire them. You can purchase cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies or by using a conventional FIAT option, such as a credit or debit card, e-wallet, or other methods.
  • Transfer them to Your Wallet: Once you have purchased cryptocurrency, you need to enter your wallet details to have them sent there. This should not take longer than a few moments. Once you have secured your cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can start thinking about where you wish to play.
  • Find a Top Crypto Casino: Now, you need to find a casino that accepts your choice of cryptocurrency. Most of the significant casinos out there accept various digital currency options, so we would recommend you start with those rather than a specialist site that only accepts one cryptocurrency. Refer to our guide above (and other guides at GambleHero) to learn how to find top cryptocurrency betting sites. Once you identify one, head over there to sign-up as a new player.
  • Deposit at the Casino: Once you have cryptocurrency in your wallet, depositing at a casino is relatively the same process used as you would expect to see when using GBP via an e-wallet. Sign into your account and select your cryptocurrency of choice as your deposit option. You can then enter the amount you wish alongside your crypto wallet address. The transaction should be free of charge and take no longer than five minutes in most cases.

That is about all gamblers need to know to learn to start betting at casinos with cryptocurrencies. What about withdrawals, though? How do they work when playing at crypto casinos?

Withdrawing cryptocurrencies is relatively the same process as depositing, albeit in reverse. You need to head to the crypto casino’s cashier page once more and select your withdrawal method, be that Bitcoin, Ethereum or another. Enter the amount and your wallet address; then, the transaction should be processed in mere minutes. Cryptocurrencies are arguably the fastest cashout options in the entire online casino world, and most can be used without a charge. They also have some relatively high withdrawal limits, making them even more appealing to UK casino players.

A Word on Currency Conversion

It is worth noting and considering that not all cryptocurrency casinos in the UK actively allow you to bet with cryptocurrencies. You can deposit with them and withdraw with them, but whether you get to bet on games with cryptos depends entirely on two things – the casino and the game developers supported at the site in question.

If you happen to be playing at a top crypto casino, you will be able to wager on crypto-friendly games the entire time. However, at sites that do not permit betting with cryptocurrencies, your deposits will likely be “converted” into a FIAT option, such as British pounds sterling, for betting. When you want to withdraw, the site will “convert” it back into your cryptocurrency of choice. This is not ideal, as you will likely lose a small sum in the conversion and exchange process.

With that in mind, we would always recommend playing at UK casinos that do not just accept cryptocurrencies but actively allow you to wager using these options, too. Again, some of the top sites that are recommended at GambleHero should fit the bill in that regard.

Top Bitcoin and Crypto-Friendly Games

In their earlier years, cryptocurrency casinos were poor when it came to game selection and availability. Most were in-house, proprietary titles produced by which person (yes, person) operated the site. There was no regulation, no auditing and support, and no way to know if a game was truly fair. Thankfully, those days are long behind us.

Modern cryptocurrency casinos have Provably Fair games that are RNG certified, licensed and regulated. Provably Fair is the hallmark of modern crypto casinos. It is a certificate that authenticates a casino’s games and showcases that they have been tested and certified as giving you a fair shot of success. The best crypto casinos will proudly display this certificate, assuming they have one. You need not panic if they do not. Other casinos will have RNG-certified hallmarks instead, and these will work just as well, if not better.

Today’s UK cryptocurrency casinos do not feature a paltry array of games that you have never heard of. Instead, they have hundreds, indeed sometimes thousands of games from many of the world’s leading providers. You can expect to see games from established developers aplenty. Moreover, these casino games can sometimes permit bets using cryptocurrencies, thus avoiding the conversion aspect we talked about a moment ago. It is up to the software providers to make their games cryptocurrency-friendly, and we are delighted to report that many of the biggest ones have done so.

What types of cryptocurrency casino games can you play, you ask? Well, virtually everything you would expect to see at a typical GBP online casino. You will have an exciting array of slots, table games, live dealer games, video poker, instant win titles and more. Some of the biggest, more reputable casinos will even offer you the option of wagering on sports, bingo, poker, or lottery games to boot.

Nab a Cryptocurrency Bonus, or Two…

Another perk of playing at some of the best UK cryptocurrency casinos out there is the ability to claim bonuses. In the best sites, you will be able to claim the same array of top deals that you would expect to see at a conventional casino. In short, this means welcome bonuses, re-deposit deals, free spin offers, loyalty and VIP rewards and monthly specials. However, several cryptocurrency bonuses may also be available, which are not up for grabs for players depositing and playing with pounds sterling.

At a crypto casino that also accepts FIAT currencies such as GBP, you might notice that two welcome bonuses are available. One of these will be for players depositing with pounds sterling; the other will be exclusively available for cryptocurrency users. In many cases, this crypto welcome bonus could be worth substantially more than a conventional welcome bonus. Some sites even have a specialised offer, tailor-made for those who deposit with one cryptocurrency over another, such as Dogecoin or Ethereum.

Faucets are another type of crypto bonus that is not available to players using FIAT currencies. This system is not widely accessible but has been known to appear at some sites. A faucet is a tap that trickles small sums of crypto when you visit, sign-in, regularly play or deposit at digital currency betting sites. This is usually free from wagering requirements and can be built up and accumulated to give you a small sum on the side to play with.

Why Play at Cryptocurrency Casinos in the UK?

Even with anonymity out of the window (if your cryptocurrency casino is adhering to UK gambling laws), there are still plenty of reasons you might choose to play at a leading crypto casino in the country.

No guide to betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would be complete without at least addressing some of those. Here are a few of the reasons you may wish to consider betting with cryptocurrencies at UK casinos today:

  • Like with all gambling-related activities in the United Kingdom, you will not be taxed on anything you win. You will only face tax if you opt to sell your cryptocurrencies and make a profit.
  • The value of cryptocurrencies changes frequently. In theory, if you deposited cryptocurrencies into your casino account and only used them sparingly (essentially leaving most of them there), they could be worth a lot more when you opt to withdraw them.
  • Cryptocurrencies represent the fastest way to withdraw money from casinos. They are usually free to use, too.
  • Cryptocurrency casino games may be doubled certified, supporting both RNG certifications and Provably Fair certificates.
  • Most of the best crypto casinos will also accept FIAT currencies, giving you the time required to slowly make the jump if you are a first timer.

FAQs: Got a Question About Cryptocurrency Casinos? We Will Answer It…

As cryptocurrencies are a relatively new thing (they have only been around for a decade), you might still have many questions that you feel need answering before committing to playing at crypto casinos. That is understandable, and we have put together this FAQ guide to try and help you get answers to those questions.

  • Does the UK really allow cryptocurrency gambling?

Yes. In an official capacity, any crypto casino which wants to obtain a UKGC license must jump through all sorts of hoops regarding KYC and AML processes. However, the UK does not forbid its residents and nationals from playing at non-UKGC licensed casinos either, where they can take advantage of the anonymity that cryptocurrency gameplay brings.

  • Is it wise to play with volatile cryptocurrencies online?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile, which means that you could lose a fair bit of value if things turn sour. However, the same risks are associated with gambling in general unless you have a guaranteed way to win. You are essentially taking the same risks here.

  • Are cryptocurrencies untraceable?

No. One of the biggest myths concerning cryptocurrencies is that they are untraceable. The anonymity afforded by digital currencies extends to the identity of the person behind transactions being largely hidden, but the transaction is still recorded on the blockchain for any skilled crypto wizard to see.

  • Can I play “proper” casino games with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, although this depends on where you play. Many of the UK’s best cryptocurrency casinos support games from the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and others. Even some live dealer casino games can be played using Bitcoins and Ethereum. It really does depend on where you play, though.

  • Which cryptocurrency should I play with at UK casinos?

That is totally up to you. Each has its own perks and downsides. However, we would suggest that any first-timer opt for one of the big cryptos listed above. There is a wealth of crypto information out there for you to read about these cryptocurrencies, and by and large, they are the ones that tend to appear at most sites.

  • Are there any fees associated with cryptocurrency gambling online?

There should not be, but again this can vary from site to site. Most bona fide, reputable cryptocurrency casinos in the UK will not charge a fee, either for deposits or withdrawals. Lesser-known sites may charge a small fee which will go to the miners who process your transactions.

  • What is the average waiting time for withdrawals at a crypto casino?

Again, there are differences between major crypto casinos and fledgeling ones. The top sites will usually process your cryptocurrency withdrawal in a matter of minutes. Lesser-known ones can take a few hours, up to 24 hours, to do so.

  • Is betting with Bitcoins and Ethereum safe at online casinos?

This will depend on where you play. Any top UK casino (the likes of which feature at GambleHero) will be licensed, regulated, and audited. They will adhere to all sorts of rules and regulations that hinder what they can and cannot do, so if you play with one of these, then we would say absolutely, crypto casinos are safe.

  • Can I lose money betting with cryptocurrencies at casinos?

Of course. If you happen to have a particularly bad session when betting, you can lose money. The same is true whether you gamble with BTC or British pounds, though. Every time you gamble, you can lose. However, you can also lose “value” if you purchase cryptos when they are worth a lot and sell them when they are worth much less.

  • Are progressive jackpots paid out in Bitcoins?

Most major progressive jackpot games are not designed to pay out in BTC. However, that does not mean to say that you cannot play them (by converting your cryptocurrencies in GBP). There are also progressive jackpot slots that are solely designed for cryptocurrency gameplay, and these will undoubtedly pay out their prizes in any digital currency they accept.

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