How to Get Started with Ethereum Casinos

How to Get Started with Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum is one of the internet’s most popular cryptocurrencies. In fact, many would argue that after Bitcoin, it is the second most used and popular in the world. Ethereum and its array of smart contracts have all sorts of practical purposes. One of the most common things to do with Ethereum (apart from solely invest in it) is to gamble it online. If you are unsure of how to go about that, we have put together this ideal and short guide to help you get started.

What Is Ethereum?

What Is Ethereum?Ethereum’s history stretches back to 2013. A short crowd-funding campaign saw it become a reality a year later. Ethereum has undergone several cycles following changes to how it works and its security. Most recently, Ethereum 2.0 and its array of smart contracts have revolutionised security when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The decentralised cryptocurrency works on a blockchain, much like its more famous counterpart, and there are many similarities between this and Bitcoin. However, there are several perks to opting for Ethereum, too. Ethereum is more straightforward and considerably less expensive to acquire. It allows you to transfer money with third-party apps, and in terms of online casinos, it is almost as famous as its rival.

How to Buy Ethereum

Ethereum (well, Ether)  is bought in much the same way as other cryptocurrencies. It all begins with a wallet and an exchange. Ethereum wallets can be physical or digital. After acquiring one, you can head to an exchange where you can purchase Ether. There are two ways to go about doing that.

Centralised exchanges allow you to purchase Ether via third-party businesses. Basically, you are buying Ether which has been set aside from selling, and you can do so with bank cards, e-wallets, or any payment options you might choose. Decentralised exchanges allow you to purchase Ether from another user. This peer-to-peer system is ideal for those who want a touch more anonymity when they are acquiring Ether.

Keeping Your Ether Safe

After acquiring Ether, it should be kept safe in your wallet. One of the ways you can have a wallet is to download an Ethereum app on your phone. Alternatively, you can store your Ether online via web wallets. Desktop applications for PCs are another way to go. If you really do not trust anything, then there are physical cryptocurrency wallets out there, too, which can store Ether. However, these pieces of hardware do not come cheap.

Looking for Casinos Accepting Ethereum

As mentioned, one of the most common things to do with Ethereum is gamble it. You can take your Ether, bet on your favourite games, and hopefully win even more. Before you do this, though, you must first choose a trustworthy casino to play at. Not all cryptocurrency casinos are unlicensed and insecure. There are plenty of top sites out there which go the extra mile to carry a gambling license that are certified and audited. These should be your targets.

Fortunately, you will not have to look extremely hard to find quality Ethereum casinos. After Bitcoin, this is the second most commonly seen currency at cryptocurrency betting sites. It is popular enough that any cryptocurrency casino (save for those dedicated to just one digital currency over others) should accept Ether deposits and withdrawals.

Ethereum-Friendly Casino Games

Not all Ethereum-friendly casinos actively allow you to wager using Ethereum. With this in mind, it is worth making sure that yours does. Some casinos only allow you to deposit (and withdraw) with ETH. This is not suitable for a die-hard cryptocurrency fan. Therefore, we recommend casinos that do permit Ethereum betting on games.

Provided you sign up to a reputable, licensed, and top Ethereum casino, you will be able to play seemingly anything and everything you might want to with this cryptocurrency. Ethereum-friendly casino games have been known to include:

Can Ethereum Users Claim Casino Bonuses and Promos?

Again, if you happen to sign up and play at a very reputable Ethereum casino, you should encounter a site that offers the same sort of service as a conventional online casino. This means that support, banking, even down to the promos and bonuses you can claim, should be as you would expect to find elsewhere. For instance, it is not uncommon to find Ethereum welcome bonuses at these casinos. There may also be redeposit offers, an Ether tap that provides you with small sums of ETH when you visit the site, and perhaps even Ethereum based casino tournaments. It is always worth having a look around to see exactly what your options are before joining.

Depositing/Withdrawing Via Ethereum

Making a deposit or withdrawing at Ethereum casinos is no different than doing so with a typical e-wallet. To deposit, you need to head to the casino’s banking page. There, you can select “deposit” and choose Ethereum as your payment provider. After entering your wallet details, you can select the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction. When using smart contract casinos, the process works a little differently. However, the casino will provide you with all the peer-to-peer info you need for this.

Withdrawing is very much done in the same way. Head to the cashier page and select Ethereum as your payment method. Now enter your withdrawal amount and your wallet details. The casino will then process the transaction.

Ethereum is arguably faster than Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies. You should get your withdrawals in a matter of minutes (at most sites) and are unlikely to be charged a fee for cashing out your winnings, either.

Play at Top Ethereum Casinos

There is no shortage of top Ethereum casinos for you to play at. While you can always “Google” top casino sites accepting Ethereum, we would recommend doing your own homework. Look for casinos that accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. In most cases, these will accept Ethereum, too. All you need to do then is filter out the bad sites from the good by looking for licensing and security details, customer support, and the array of games and promos a site must find the best Ethereum casinos online.