Live Sports Betting – Guide to In-Play Betting

Live Sports Betting – In-Play Betting

If exciting, palpable betting action, real-time odds, and the potential to maybe cash out earlier than usual sounds interesting, then there is a fair bet that live sports betting is for you. Arguably the most adrenaline-pumping way to bet may sound complicated, but if you have the basics of betting online down, it is not that much of a leap to place in-play bets. Here at GambleHero, we will walk you through the process in mere minutes with our guide.

What Is Live Sports Betting?

Live sports betting has been around for over a decade, so we would hardly call it the latest craze in the sports wagering world. However, it continues to go from strength to strength, rapidly gaining followers and, for some, has become the norm in terms of how to bet. In a nutshell, it involves wagering on matches while they are already underway. Why might you want to do that, you ask? Let us look at some of the perks to live, in-play betting next.

Perks to Live, In-Play Betting

There are perks to playing live, in-play bets. For a start, the odds will shift from their pre-game totals once a match begins. For instance, a football team may be favourites at odds of 1.50 to bag a win against an underdog. However, if the underdog takes an early lead, you can often get longer odds (above 1.50) on the favourite to win once the match commences. In short, the events that happen in a game will directly affect and alter the available odds. Because of this, betting on favourites can be more favourable AFTER the match has started, if they fall behind.

There are other pros, too. It is a lot easier to predict the outcome of a match that has already been underway for a length of time. While this can lead to shorter odds if you pick the bet that is currently the most likely to win, it does make winning more likely.

Other perks worth considering when placing live, in-play bets are the ability to watch games live (at some sites) and potentially cash out your winnings early – again, depending on where you play.

Things to Consider

There are one or two disadvantages to live betting, too, and it would not be right not to mention them. For a start, the ever-changing odds (while sometimes an advantage) can sometimes be a disadvantage. It could just be the odds worsen as the outcome of a game becomes clearer, thus leaving you with less profit.

If you like betting on underdogs, it may be more favourable to do so before a match starts. Live, in-play betting is not ideal for betting on underdogs if they score first, as the odds of them winning will be decreased from those that were available before the match began.

How to Bet on Live Sports

Learning to wager on live sports is not complicated. In fact, if you already know how to place a conventional sports bet, you should be able to get to grips with live betting in mere moments. Here is a summary of what you need to do and the things you need to know:

  • Live sports bets usually take place in a separate section of the site. Look for the “live” or “in-play” headers and go there.
  • Not all sports are covered by in-play bets, but most of the popular ones will be.
  • Bear in mind that the odds of already in-play games will frequently change, according to the action on the field. Pay attention to those odds, as they will drift.
  • Place your bet using the same method you would use when betting on any sport via the betting slip option.
  • Live streaming is only available on selected matches. There will usually be a TV symbol indicating a match you can watch live. You may have to place a bet on that match at some sites or at least be funded if you want to watch live-streamed sports.
  • If your live in-play bet is not streamed at a site, there will usually be a stats centre where you can keep an eye on the action.
  • Some live, in-play bets can be cashed out early. This varies from bookie to bookie. The terms for cashing out early can vary, and you are required to lose a small part of your winnings to guarantee an early cash-out. Cashing out early is advantageous if your bet is currently winning, but the action on the pitch suggests that something is about to happen that may turn your winning bet into a losing one.

Special Live Sports Wagers Only Available with In-Play Bets

Virtually all conventional sports wagers can be played as live bets. However, there are one or two live and in-play bets that you can only really make with live betting. These are usually time-based options that become available once a match is underway, and they include:

  • Next to Score: The next player or team to score in a match.
  • Next Event: The next event to occur in a game, such as the next yellow card, next substitute, or next set piece in a football match.
  • Time-Based: The time of the next event that will take place. This can include the next goal in a match. So, you might bet that the next goal will come in the seventy-third minute, for instance.

Most of the types listed above can regularly be wagered via in-play football matches. As they are tricky to predict, you can expect relatively long odds on most of them, too. The advantage here is that if you have been following the game, you will have a heads up on how likely they are to occur.

Top Tips for Live Sports Betting

Sports betting is part down to luck and part down to skill. If you know your onions before betting, then you will be in a better position to say what is likely to happen (or not) in a match. However, here are a few other tips we can provide to help you wager on live sports. They include:

  • Timing is key. As the odds are constantly fluctuating in live bets, you should wait until you see value in the odds offered.
  • When placing a live bet on a match that is already in play, be sure to act fast. Hesitating is one of the quickest ways to see odds drop from favourable to unfavourable.
  • Do not bet on sports you know little about. Always do your research before betting. Moreover, make sure you follow the matches via stats centres or streaming to understand how your bet is going.
  • Do not assume that you can live-stream or cash out early at bookmakers. Not all sportsbooks offer this feature, so be selective about where you play.
  • Pay special attention to comebacks when betting on football. Some teams have a knack for them. You could get long odds on a team to win that is currently losing. However, if they have a knack for coming back, this could see you profit mightily from a crafty bet here or there.

Get Started with Live, In-Play Sports Betting Today

Betting on live, in-play games is unquestionably exciting, filled with as much emotion as the game itself, and can see you exploit long odds on probable events if you wait for the ideal moment to bet. There are plenty of top sportsbooks that provide live, in-play bets, live streaming and even early cashout options. Many appear right here at GambleHero, and we would naturally recommend that you start your live betting journey with one of these trusted, safe, and reputable online bookmakers.