Nearly Half of English Fans ‘Confident’ England Can Win World Cup

Can England win the 2022 World Cup? A bet365 Fan Nation Survey has found that 47.79% of England fans believe their team can return home from Qatar with the trophy.

Not since 1966 has England managed to win the World Cup. It’s been 56 years of hurt since then. That’s not all about having to endure ‘Three Lions’ though

How much of this enthusiasm is just the heart ruling the head? England are 8/1 at bet365 to win the World Cup. After relegation from the Nations League and no wins in their last six games, we all know those odds should be higher. Bookmakers just don’t want to give higher odds on an England victory just in case a miracle happens and they do become world champions.

Wales are 200/1 at bet365 to become world champions. Despite that, 46% of Welsh fans surveyed are ‘confident’ of them winning the 2022 World Cup. They were also relegated from the Nations League this year. At least they got to Qatar and that ‘not qualified since 1958’ stat can be laid to rest.

There’s every chance that at some point in December, we may be betting on who the next England manager will be. However, 92.29% of those England fans surveyed are supportive of Gareth Southgate. That opinion might change soon though. 89% of Welsh fans are confident that Robert Page is the right person for the manager’s job.

It’s not just English and Welsh fans who have perhaps undeserved confidence in a World Cup win. 89% of American fans are confident that their country will win the World Cup. They are 150/1 at bet365 to do so. With their terrible away record, just getting out their group might be an achievement.

Former England international John Barnes joked that Americans are similar to Australians. “They have this attitude that they can win everything.” He added: “They really do believe it. Mainly because of their American-ness” and “don’t know that they shouldn’t be getting to the World Cup quarter-finals because the other teams are better than them. But if you’re asking me whether I think they’re misguided I would say ‘probably yes.’”

91.12% of Argentinians believe they can add the World Cup to their Copa America title. They are 11/2 at bet365 to win the cup. Current 7/2 favourites are Brazil and 89.15% of Brazilian fans expect their team to again become world champions.

An England win wouldn’t upset bet365 too much. Steve Freeth said that is because “there’s not much interest in them.” That might change if they get off to a good start. Also drifting in the market are Germany and surprisingly, France.

A win for either Brazil or Argentina wouldn’t be such good news with plenty of outright bets being placed on the two South American teams. Another bad result would be Lautario Martinez finishing top goal scorer. Bet365 have already taken over 6,000 bets on that happening but he’s still 25/1 to win the Golden Boot. Martinez has scored four goals in five games for Argentina this year.