How to Get Started with Tether Casinos

Tether Casinos

If playing with Altcoins at leading online casinos does not tick your boxes, there are always Stablecoins out there which might fit the bill. Of the many options you have open to you, Tether is arguably the most famous and can commonly be used at many of the internet’s top cryptocurrency casinos and betting sites. What is Tether, why is it sometimes called USDT, and how have several controversies affected its appeal amongst users? We aim to reveal all in our guide to Tether and its practical uses at internet gambling sites.

What Is Tether?

Tether is a cryptocurrency that has gained no small amount of notoriety in its time as a cryptocurrency. For years, the digital currency was believed to be backed by one US dollar. It is for this reason that it acquired the nickname, USDT. For this reason, it became one of the first stable coins. However, in 2019, a New York Attorney General revealed that this was not the case and had never been. Tether was designed to be backed by a US dollar for every coin held in reserve. It soon became apparent that Tether was only valued and backed by approximately $0.74, and not all of that was in cash – some came in the form of loans from affiliate companies.

The alleged price manipulation has not seemed to damage Tether’s stock, though. It is still deemed the top Stablecoin out there, and as recently as January 2021, Tether was still described as one of the best long-term investments you can make in the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, it is still widely available at crypto casinos. This is because Tether has announced that “loans” now count as part of its backing program.

In theory (subject to ongoing debate), Tether effectively allows you to store, send and receive tokens (Tethers) that are anchored to the US dollar, and more recently, euros. This anchoring gives the currency its name. This method allows Tether to avoid the volatility seen in other cryptocurrencies running on Omni blockchain protocols.

How to Buy Tether

There are multiple ways to buy Tether. Before you can do that, though, you are going to need to get a ledger or wallet. You will have different options out there which enable you to do this, and we will discuss those shortly.

Tether is available to buy at crypto exchanges and traders. It is known as (USDT). As Tether is tied to the US dollar and every Tether token is connected to one dollar (either in cash or now loans), there is a fair degree of stability involved, and Tether’s value never really strays far off the $1 mark. You can purchase a set number of USDT at a market rate or order a limited number at a specific price. Once you have acquired USDT, you can start to consider gambling them at online casinos.

Keeping Your USDT Safe

You will need a wallet or a ledger to keep your USDT safe. Opening an online account with a broker is the quickest way to acquire Tether. However, you have got options when it comes to storage, too. Hot and cold storage options are available. Cold storage (physical devices) offers more protection, but they do not offer you easy access to your coins. By contrast, hot storage (online wallets) can be readily accessed but are more vulnerable to attacks. While most hot wallets are free to use, cold ones can set you back as you are looking at purchasing physical hardware.

Looking for Casinos Accepting Tether

Stablecoins like Tether are not as widely available as those offering Altcoin and Bitcoin gameplay. However, there are certain websites out there that cater to Tether users, including a few of the most famous ones.

Your best shot of finding a reputable, safe place to wager with Tether is to head to crypto casinos that accept a broad array of different cryptocurrency options. Any site which accepts five or more cryptocurrencies will typically accept Tether as their leading Stablecoin option. Just ensure that these sites are licensed, regulated and provide evidence of RNG certification, including fair play and transparent terms and conditions.

Tether-Friendly Casino Games

Tether is the least compatible cryptocurrency when it comes to wagering on casino games specifically. The types of crypto gambling games you can play with Tether depends entirely on whether the software providers behind them have worked USDT into their list of accepted currencies. Many have not, and so you may need to see Tether converted into FIAT options for betting. This will not be an issue, as Tether is anchored to the US dollar, as mentioned.

A few game developers have worked Tether into their currencies, and for those games, you can actively wager using Tether without having the casino convert it into a FIAT option for the betting part. Of those games, it is not uncommon to see…

There does not yet appear to be any live dealer casino games that currently take bets with Tether.

Can Tether Users Claim Casino Bonuses and Promos?

It is certainly not common to find online casinos offering bonuses and promotions dedicated to Tether users. However, you should never say never, and there are one or two that provide you with a bonus boost when you deposit via this option. In most cases, using Tether should not stop you from being able to claim conventional bonuses, though, such as welcome offers, loyalty deals and from participating in tournaments and prize draw competitions.

Depositing/Withdrawing Via Tether

You can deposit and withdraw with Tether at online casinos in much the same way you would go about doing so with other options. Head over to the crypto casino’s banking page and select Tether as your deposit or withdrawal option. Enter your wallet address when withdrawing, and you will need to use your Tether payment system to enter the address of the casino when depositing.

When depositing, there will usually be a minimum deposit limit of 10 USDT. The same will likely be the case for withdrawals. You should not expect to see fees. Transaction times should be borderline instantaneous, taking no longer than a few minutes at most.

Play at Top Tether Casinos

Tether casinos are on the rise. Most major cryptocurrency casino sites now offer Tether as their primary Stablecoin option, alongside conventional digital currency methods such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more. Any casino that you do choose to sign up to, should be well-licensed, regulated, provide fair terms and conditions on its bonuses, and ideally permit you to wager (as well as deposit and withdraw) using USDT.