The Bingo Revolution Has Arrived

Everything changes as time progresses. Look at cricket with all the music and fans in fancy dress. Surely bingo won’t change though. Think again, Bingo Revolution is here. It’s not all about getting a full house, there’s a pig throwing competition and inflatable dinosaurs too. As for the lip syncing and cock fighting, well anything could happen!

A night out at Bingo Revolution is not like going to your local club to play. The game is changing with younger players embracing the hope of getting some lines and a full house that wins a big cash prize. Bingo Revolution present an evening with top tunes being played by DJs, comedians and drag queens.

Stephen Hunt is the owner of Bingo Revolution. He knows exactly what the main ingredients of an evening are out. “I always say it’s about three things: dancing, laughing and dabbing. It’s a real singalong event with classic tunes, it’s just a really great night,” he said.

The owner added that Bingo Revolution, just like regular bingo nights is about winning cash prizes. However, his company gives everyone a lot more than that. “We also have prizes like a 6ft inflatable dinosaur, a kettle and a tin of beans.” It seems that everyone loves an inflatable dinosaur. “People get more excited about the dinosaur than they do the cash to be honest,” joked the Bingo Revolution owner.

Bingo Revolution are currently on a UK tour that includes seeing them visit clubs run by Buzz Bingo. There are some special guests lined up, including Paul Chuckle in Wigan on October 23 and Pat Sharp in Borehamwood on November 13 and 14.

Drag queens often have names that put a smile on your face. Bagga Chipz for example and Fanny Burns, it’s the same at Bingo Revolution. Their events are made that extra bit special by the appearance of the one and only Glamorous Granny Fanny. Yes you read that correctly!

You can tell that Bingo Revolution nights are a bit different by reading the origins of the company on their site. Fanny Granny is described as someone who has always dreamed of being a bingo caller but “settled for letting someone else handle the balls.”

Also appearing will be comedian Cal Halbert who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and DJ Jim Slipp. If you love music from the current day but also the 80s and 90s, then this is going to be a great night out. A few wins will make it even better. More about what lies in store at