Surely not Trump Again

Picture the scene, it’s 2029 and the President of the United States is about to make a speech. Out comes the soon to be departing President and who is it? None other than Donald Trump.

That may not be fiction because Trump could well stand for the presidency in 2024. If he wins, then he will be on his second and final term. He won’t be able to be a candidate in the 2028 election but will still be in charge until January 2029 before riding off into the sunset.

Could it happen? Well, it’s certainly not a long shot. At the time of writing this article, Trump can be backed at odds as short as 6/1 at BetVictor to win the 2024 US Presidential Election. The highest odds we’ve seen are 8/1 at Betway. Trump being President once more is not something that can be ruled out.

Of course, firstly he has to win the Republican nomination. He’s already ruled out setting up his own party. For once he’s correct as doing so would simply split the Republican Party’s vote in half and let the Democrats win again.

Trump gave a speech on Sunday (February 28) and it was to a very pro-Trump crowd. You can tell that as not all of them had masks on and were still wondering what social distancing means.

Trump still has a great number of voters out there. His share of the vote in the 2020 Presidential Election was 46% with just over 74 million votes for him. Only Biden has had more votes in US electoral history.

Naturally all the votes for him were legitimate, not ‘fraudulent’ like so many the Democrats received. With all those votes in his pocket, Trump would again be a major contender.

Will the Republican Party trust Trump with the nomination? This is a guy who if the Senate had a two-third majority of Democrats would have been impeached the first time, no need for a second one. But with so many people voting for him after all that he did during his presidency, can the Republicans find someone else equally as popular.

There are other candidates such as Nikki Haley who’s 12/1 at Paddy Power to win the 2024 election. Vice President Mike Pence is 16/1 at Betfair, although he turned on Trump, he took four years to do so. Trump would hardly support Pence in a bid to win the presidency. Even if he doesn’t stand for election, Trump may well be the king (or queen) maker.

Perhaps in 2024 it could be an all-female battle for the White House. How could that happen though? The big question surrounding President Biden is will he stand for a second term? In 2024, Biden will be weeks away from his 82nd birthday when the election takes place in November.

If re-elected, he would be a few months after his 86th birthday when leaving office. Will that happen, considering how tough a job he has? Biden can be backed at 8/7 at Smarkets to not serve his full term. If he does and decides he wants to be re-elected, Paddy Power will give you 5/1 on him winning the election.

Biden isn’t the favourite with most bookmakers to win the next election. It’s Vice-President Kamala Harris who tops the market. You can get 7/2 at William Hill on her winning in 2024. The clear opinion is that Biden will be a one-term President. It will be Harris who the Democrats will nominate and may well become the first ever female American President.

A lot depends on what happens in the next four years of course. You can be assured that Trump will complain about everything that Biden does between now and the next election. But surely the Democrats theme tune would be ‘Don’t get fooled again’ by The Who.