Stratford Town Player Given 10-Year Ban for Spot Fixing

Kynan Isaac who plays for Southern League Stratford Town has been given a 10-year ban for spot fixing during an FA Cup tie last year.

The defender was playing against Shrewsbury Town in an FA Cup first round tie. During the cup tie he was booked and it was later discovered that was just what he had planned to happen.

Isaac has previously played in the EFL for Reading and Luton. Recent years have seen him play for non-league teams including Banbury United and Oxford City. He joined Stratford Town four years ago.

His booking in the cup tie against Shrewsbury was for a high tackle in the 83rd minute. Stratford had taken an early lead in the game but ended up losing it 5-1. It was then discovered that there had been “a number of individuals” placing bets on Isaac receiving a booking during the cup tie.

He was charged with “influencing a football betting market” during that game “by intentionally seeking to be cautioned by the match referee.” A review of the video evidence by match referee Ben Toner led him to believe he should have sent Isaac off for the high tackle.

Playing in the Southern League, Isaac would have been unable to attempt such spot fixing. Odds aren’t offered for a player to be booked during games in that league. However, they are in an FA Cup match and Isaac along with some friends took advantage of that.

Isaac has also been given an 18-month ban for placing, or enabling nearly 350 bets on football matches. This took place over a five-year period. He had failed to provide information that had been requested regarding the 347 bets he was alleged to have placed.

Several of the bets had been placed on matches in which his own team had been involved. It’s not known if Isaac will appeal against the Football Association decision.

Protecting the integrity of a sport is important. This week has seen the UFC ban their fighters from betting on UFC fights. Their Chief Business Officer, Hunter Campbell, sent out a letter to fighters and their teams informing them of an updated athletic code of conduct policy.

This will put them in line with “regulators responsible for the regulated sports betting industry in the United States.” Other sports have banned athletes from betting on their own sports. In some US states, this also applies to athlete’s teams, members of their family and other who may be privy to inside information.

The UFC commented: “The UFC’s contracted athletes are not exempt from these prohibitions, which state legislators and regulators have implemented for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of our sport.” It will still be possible however to sign brand ambassador agreements with gambling companies and to bet on other MMA promotions or sports.