Slippers and Sun for People’s Postcode Lottery Winners

It’s not always numbers or codes that win you massive lottery prizes. Over 400 people in the Welsh town of Rhymney have won some great prizes in the May 30 draw all because of their postcode NP22 5DL.

A total of £3.7 million has been shared by the People’s Postcode Lottery winners. Most of the Postcode Millions wins were between £3,894 and £11,682 but 76-year-old Ted Owens really has cause to celebrate. He had two winning tickets and won £370,000. Eight other ticket holders won £185,000 each.

Rhymney only has a population of around 5,000, so that means almost one in ten have won some People’s Postcode Lottery prize.

Mr Owen used to be a steelworker and he can’t quite believe how much he’s won. He said he was “elated” and never expected to win so much money.

Now he plans to use some of his winnings to go on a world cruise. He’s almost looking forward to that as much as telling his children about the People’s Postcode Lottery win. “I don’t think they’ll believe me when I tell them how much I’ve won,” he laughed. One call was going to cost him a bit more than normal as two of his children had gone to Cyprus to attend a wedding.

Other spending plans include finally getting a new 4×4 car. Ted has pledged to keep playing the lottery and said, “You never know, I might win again.”

One of the £185,000 winners is 43-year-old Lisa Scanlon. A bit of thought may be on its way for her as she commented: “I really don’t know what I’m going to do with my winnings.” Her family regularly tease Lisa about how sensible she is with money.

A big test lies ahead of her now to prove that is still the case. A trip to the Maldives is a possibility as she plans on thinking of “something exciting” to spend her People’s Postcode Lottery winnings on.

Not so lucky is her mother. Cherry lives across the road from her daughter but doesn’t play the lottery. “I bet she will now,” said her daughter.

It’s going to be a holiday in Benidorm for 72-year-old Gladys Kent. She’s another of the £185,000 winners but there’s something that she is keen to buy with her windfall. “I can get some new slippers now,” she joked.

The win has come at just the right time for her husband Gary. He celebrated his 75th birthday the day after Gladys found out about the big win. A bigger party than originally planned was going to take place. That will see the couple celebrating with their three children and eight grandchildren.