Report Calls for More Transparent Information on Gambling Sites

Do you understand everything that you read on an online gambling site? Some of the information can be a bit confusing at times. Now research carried out by Bournemouth University has made a call for more transparent information to be published on gambling websites.

The report was commissioned by GambleAware and is part of the Responsible Gambling Projects. It highlights the use of promotional materials and online games.

Four separate research formats were used by Bournemouth University. This included a ‘Scooping Review’ that looked at the amount of academic research that can be accessed regarding the development of safer gambling practices. There was also a ‘Narrative Review,’ a ‘Systematic Review’ and ‘Website Content Analysis.’

The key recommendations in the Bournemouth University research include a call for the genuine probability of winning be given at online gambling sites. This is considered better than just giving exaggerated return rates. Players often find it difficult to understand the figures that are shown and this can confuse them when deciding whether they have a good chance or not of getting wins.

Another recommendation is for sites to provide educational content. This should target misperceptions of how games work, how to gamble in a safer manner and the potential risks that exist when gambling.

The study also looked at data collection by sites. There should be transparency regarding this and the possible consequences that will result when the data is used. This includes being excluded from a website or receiving personalised feedback.

Zoë Osmond is the Chief Executive of GambleAware. Commenting on the study she said that it has some “important recommendation for gambling operators” in ensuring that safer gambling measures are included on their sites.”

The Chief Executive added that the research “serves as further proof that we need to see the gambling White Paper published as soon as possible to avoid further gambling harm.” Just when that is likely to happen still isn’t known. With Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister, will he look to get the White Paper published or will it be low down on his list of priorities?

There was criticism of unfair or misleading promotional techniques in previous research carried out in the gambling industry. This included a lack of clarity over pay-out rates.

Where safer gambling information is placed on websites was also included in the report. It also looked at how videos and details about algorithm uses in marketing material was also examined as these could help prevent gambling harm.