Record Lottery Jackpots Could be Won This Week

Lottery jackpots are continuing to climb around the world. This week sees record top prizes in Italy and Australia. Will someone win a fantastic prize?

Last week it was Canada’s turn to have a record breaking lottery jackpot. Lotto Max had gone 20 draws without a jackpot win. That meant the jackpot cap of $70 million had been reached. At that stage, the top prize remains the same but additional MaxMillions winners are created.

Friday October 21 finally saw the jackpot won with a ticket sold in Calgary being successful. There were 28 MaxMillions winners, each winning $1 million. Of those winners, Ontario had the most with 11 winning tickets.

In the US, the Powerball lottery again rolled over on Saturday October 22. That means on Monday evening, the jackpot will be a massive $610 million jackpot. That amount can either be received as an annuity with one payment and then annual ones for 29 years, or as a one-off cash payment.

If won on Monday, the cash payment is $292.6 million. That would be subject to both federal and state taxes.

Will Italy’s SuperEnalotto jackpot ever be won? The last time a player won the top prize was in May 2021. 17 months have now passed and not a sign of a jackpot win. The top prize on Tuesday October 25 is €295.4 million.

That’s over €45 million higher than the EuroMillions jackpot can ever reach. With three draws a week, the chances are that we could soon see the first ever €300 million top prize in European lottery history. SuperEnalotto doesn’t have a must-be-won draw or a jackpot cap, so the top prize can just keep on getting higher.

The next EuroMillions draw also takes place on Tuesday evening. That hasn’t been won for a while either. Tuesday will see players trying to win the £101 million jackpot.

Meanwhile on Wednesday October 26, there’s a triple rollover in the Lotto draw. The jackpot is still only £8.5 million, all a bit puny compared to other jackpots.

The Thursday October 27 Australian Powerball draw will have a $160 million jackpot. That’s the largest top prize in the history of Australian lotteries. That goes back over 100 years and in that time there’s only ever been nine draws with a jackpot worth at least $100 million. All but one of those have been in the Australian Powerball lottery.