Record €210 million EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday

Records are made to be broken and that’s just what will happen in the next EuroMillions draw. On Tuesday 23 February, the jackpot is a massive €210 million (£180 million).

It’s just two months since a ticket holder in France scooped a record €200 million jackpot. This will also be the largest ever jackpot in a European lottery draw. It just squeezes past the €209 million won in the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery two years ago.

Why so Large?

How has the EuroMillions jackpot got so high in such a short period of time? Well, it’s al down to the EuroMillions Superdraw. That was held on 5 February with the jackpot enhanced to €130 million.  However, no player has been able to land the top prize by matching the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars.

Therefore, the jackpot has just kept on growing but there’s another reason why it has reached an unprecedented €210 million. The rules have been changed and the days of a jackpot cap of €190 million has been cast into the past.

The new jackpot cap announced was €200 million and that was the total won in December. Now the jackpot cap has gone up another €10 million. It’ll do so again when this latest mammoth jackpot is won. The increasing of the jackpot cap will continue until reaching €250 million.

Friday’s draw had players across Europe hoping to become a multi-millionaire. However, that was not to be as no tickets could match 04-12-25-46-48 and the two Lucky Stars 07 and 12. Many players use birthdays and anniversaries when choosing their numbers. The two high numbers in that draw meant no jackpot for those using that method.

Using birthdays and anniversaries doesn’t always work though. Last Tuesday’s draw saw all five numbers being in the 01-31 range. Yet still, no ticket could win the top prize, though there were five second-tier winners.

The jackpot cap being reached means if there is a rollover on Tuesday, Friday’s jackpot will remain at €210 million. The funds that would normally increase the size of the jackpot will now go down to the next tier that has a winner. All good news for all those near-misses that players have.

A Must-Be-Won Draw?

There could be a massive draw on Tuesday 9 March. If the next four draws don’t produce a jackpot winner, then on the ninth it’ll be a must-be-won draw. That massive jackpot just has to be won. If no ticket matches the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars, then the first tier with a winning ticket wins the jackpot. What would normally be a near-miss could become a record-breaking EuroMillions win.

How to choose your numbers

Choosing your numbers for Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw is going to be so important. Will you put trust in your lucky numbers hoping they live up to their name? Should you just go for a Lucky Dip?

You could decide to look at the recent statistics and try to work out which numbers could appear. For example, the last four draws have all had single figure numbers appear. That’s happened in seven of the last nine draws, so perhaps one might appear in Tuesday’s draw.

Just once in the last three EuroMillions draws have there been numbers between 10 and 19.  Choosing number 25 might not be a good idea, that’s come out in the last two draws. Only once in the last eight draws has a number in the 30s appeared.

There are four main numbers that haven’t come out for over 100 days, namely 11,15,22 and 26. The latter hasn’t been since the end of June 2020. It’s in there somewhere, will it appear on Tuesday?

Friday’s draw had two numbers in the 40s. They’d been a bit quiet of late with no appearances in the three draws before that. As for Lucky Stars, 07 has appeared in the last two draws. 05 is due an appearance after not being seen since mid-January.

It promises to be a spectacular occasion on Tuesday. Will we see the record jackpot won or will it be yet another rollover?