No Expensive Christmas Presents for Children of £12.4m EuroMillions Winners

What would you do if winning a £12.4 million EuroMillions jackpot? That’s what happened to Sharon and Nigel Mather from Sale in 2010. The past 11 years has seen secrecy and helping a select number of people while ensuring their children weren’t spoilt rotten.

They still remember the day when their EuroMillions win was discovered. The couple had bought a ticket then went on holiday. Whether their ticket had won anything wasn’t really on their mind. When they returned home, Sharon checked the results while her husband was out shopping.

It’s a win that might never have happened. Sharon had a set of numbers that she regularly used. For this draw though a Lucky Dip was purchased. It wasn’t all good news for Nigel though. He was due to be going to the pub to watch England play in the World Cup, but his wife asked him to stay at home with her. Instead, they ordered a Chinese takeaway that they didn’t eat. They were too busy downing three bottles of Magners.

They then sat down and switched on their computer creating a spreadsheet with a list of the people who meant the most of them. Initially, they didn’t go public with news of their win. Then they thought that remaining anonymous would make it difficult to help their friends and family.

Once they were revealed as jackpot winners, her husband began the process of helping their loved ones. The former hotel manager then went round to around 30 friends and family’s houses. A card that had been made by them was handed over with a cheque inside.

Sharon revealed that it was almost like being in the TV series ‘The Secret Millionaire.’ Their aim was not to show off and give help to the “people close to us.” They kept the lion share of their EuroMillions winnings as it was important to look after themselves and their two young children.

When they won their EuroMillions jackpot, their two sons were aged three and one. They could easily have spoilt them rotten but that’s not been the case. The couple have stressed the importance of respecting what people have got, not bragging and never showing off. Even when it comes to Christmas time, their children don’t “ask for anything silly.” Mrs Mather added: “in fact, they probably get less because we don’t want to overly give them too much.”

For the couple, they feel that their win gives them a responsibility to use it well and not “waste it or blow it.” The couple have made other donations though, including helping local charity Stockdales and Nigel is now their chair.