Moves to make Sports Betting in Chicago Legal

Betting on sport has been legal for two years in the American state of Illinois. However, it is not legal in Chicago. Moves are being made now to make the necessary law changes.

Walter Burnett is an Alderman in Chicago and is out to make sports betting in the city legal. He has introduced an ordinance that if passed, would allow licenses to be issued and set revenue parameters. A vote on this is soon to take place.

Chicago Cubs recently signed a deal with DraftKings. That’s worth $100 million, so with that in place, it seems wrong that people can’t bet on sport. They just happen to play in the ward that Burnett represents, so that deal prompted him to come forward with this motion.

It’s possible that the major sporting stadiums in Chicago could host sports betting. Another option is to have a betting shop not too far away from the stadiums. It’s possible that there may also be the chance to bet at casinos or inter-track facilities with a maximum number of 15 kiosks/wagering windows. The legal age to be able to place bets would be 21.
More restrictions are likely to be in place if sports betting in Chicago is legalized. No bets would be able to be placed between midnight and 10am Monday to Thursday, midnight to 9am on Friday and 1am to 9am at the weekend.

When it comes to licenses, there would be two types. Getting a Primary license would cost at least $50,000 and other yearly reviews of $25,000. Then there’s the Secondary Licence that costs at minimum $10,000 and $5,000 to renew each year.

Alderman Burnett is expecting plenty of debate on his ordinance. There is always the fear that allowing sports betting could lead to people developing gambling problems. This is something that he is willing to discuss but he also knows that there are many pluses to be had from legalizing sports betting in Chicago. Other areas in Illinois have seen the benefit of all the tax that can be received.

One opponent is Alderman Anthony Beale. Initially, he claimed that the ordinance wasn’t submitted in time to be discussed. That didn’t go anywhere so now he’s trying his best to slow the process needed to pass it into law. That’s why the ordinance is being discussed in the Rules Committee. Not against the ordinance is Alderman Tom Tunney. He believes that sports betting will come to stadiums in Chicago but would want to see neighbourhood protections.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has vowed that if sports betting is legalized, Chicago won’t turn into the Las Vegas strip. The Major supports the Illinois sports betting law that was passed two years ago. She doesn’t believe it would present any problems to established Chicago casinos.