Millions to be Won Playing the Lottery

If you fancy becoming a multi-millionaire, then this might just be the week to achieve that. Already one ticket holder in California, USA, has won a $699.8 million Powerball jackpot. Tuesday failed to produce a EuroMillions jackpot winner so now on Friday, there’s the chance to win £172 million.

History was made on October 4 with that Powerball jackpot. There used to be two draws a week but in August, that was increased to three. A Monday draw was added to the ones on Wednesday and Saturday.

The latest draw was held on Monday, and it was the first draw held on that date to produce a jackpot winner. One ticket was lucky enough to match 12-22-54-66-69 and the all-important Powerball 15.

An interesting selection of numbers. Not one that would be too helpful to anyone who uses birthdays or anniversaries for their numbers. Perhaps it was a Quick Pick ticket that was purchased from the Albertsons grocery store in Morro Bay, near San Luis Obispo.

There was another record on Monday. The Powerball jackpot hadn’t been won since June 5. There had been 40 consecutive draws that failed to produce a winner and that’s another record.
It’s by no means the largest ever Powerball win. This is only the fifth largest win and the seventh highest in US lottery history. The largest ever Powerball jackpot win remains the staggering $1.586 billion that was shared by three tickets in 2016.

We don’t know who has won this latest Powerball jackpot. They might not even have seen the results yet. Perhaps they are just sitting down and getting help from financial advisers. In Australia, registered tickets allow the lottery company to know who the winners are, and they give them a phone call.

Whoever has won this jackpot can receive it in one of two ways. Either as an annuity, paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years or a one-off lump sum payment of $496 million. There will be tax due though.

That’s not the case in the EuroMillions draw on Friday. A UK winner won’t have to pay a penny in tax on their £172 million win. There was a EuroMillions Superdraw held on Friday September 25 that saw an enhanced jackpot of £111 million.

No tickets won that night, and the jackpot has continued to rollover. Friday’s jackpot is just over the €202m mark. We could well be on our way to another record EuroMillions jackpot win. The jackpot cap is now €220 million and that would be reached next week if there’s no win on Friday.

Will there be another big winner on Friday? If so, it would mean this is one of the most lucrative weeks in recent lottery history.