Millions to be won in Weekend Lottery Draws

Could you become a lottery millionaire this weekend? There are plenty of chances to do just that with draws being held all over the world.

The largest jackpot at present is in the EuroMillions lottery. A record £180 million (€210 million) is up for grabs in the draw being held this evening. The jackpot cap has been reached but still no one has won the top prize. With the jackpot unable to climb any higher, the second-tier prize is being increased. That was £2.8 million in Tuesday’s draw with six tickets being winners. It’ll be over the £3 million mark tonight.

The second highest jackpot in Europe is the €113.9 million (£99 million) in Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw. This Italian lottery is notoriously hard to win. That’s because it has 90 main numbers and the odds of being a jackpot winner are 1 in 622,614,630. At one time, the jackpot wasn’t won for over a year and reached €209 million in 2019. That was the largest European jackpot until EuroMillions beat it last week. Someone has to win it though and tickets can be purchased at several online sites.

Wednesday saw a must-be-won £13 million UK Lotto jackpot. No one won the top prize, but three tickets won the second-tier prize that was increased to £1.11 million. Just matching three of the main numbers would have seen you winning £75 in that draw. It’s not the best of rules though, those who were one number short only won an extra £110,000.

If the EuroMillions lottery doesn’t produce a jackpot winner in the next three draws, then Tuesday 9 March will see a must-be-won draw. There are different rules in that lottery and if no one won the jackpot, the full £180 million would go into the next tier that does produce a winner.

Back to the UK Lotto draw and on Saturday, the jackpot returns to £3.8 million. There are Thunderball draws on both Friday and Saturday with a top prize of £500,000.

America has two massive jackpots that will hopefully be won this weekend. Tonight, it’s the Mega Millions draw. Now that recently lived up to its name with a ticket holder winning a $1 billion jackpot. They haven’t come forward to claim their prize yet, probably still in shock. The winner came from Michigan and in that state, winners cannot remain anonymous. This evening the top prize is just the $30 million.

The next Powerball draw is on Saturday and that’s up to a rather tempting $106 million. That total might not be what you actually receive though. The $106 million would be received as an annuity over 30 years. If you were to win that jackpot and would like to get your hands on it right away, you can opt for a one-of payment of $75.6 million.

There are several other European lottery draws that you can enter. The EuroJackpot draw takes place this evening and is up to €34 million (£30 million). Spain loves their lotteries and the La Primitiva lottery has a €44 million (£38 million) in Saturdays draw. Now is the time to be playing these European draws with the Pound doing well against the Euro.

A big weekend lies ahead though. Your tickets might just win you a few pounds. You might just get a free entry into the next draw. Then again, this could be the weekend when you become a multi-millionaire!