Just Who Will be the Next PM?

The Conservative party is again looking for a new leader. Whoever wins the upcoming election will become Prime Minister, but just who will it be? Let’s look at the betting on who will succeed Boris Johnson in number 10.

Hands up if you could recognise Ben Wallace if you passed him in the street? Not a large percentage is expected for a yes vote. However, Tory party members love the guy and that’s why he is 2/1 at Sky Bet to be their next leader.

If elected, he’s likely to be the first Prime Minister to have ‘Lobban’ as one of his middle names. Perhaps having him as leader would work because he has nothing like the high profile that Boris Johnson has.

There are a few sticks that can be thrown in his direction though. Having the fourth highest MPs expenses claim in 2008 may well come up. No journalist will avoid mentioning he had the highest drinks bill while serving in the army. You’d like to be a fly on the wall when he meets President Biden after saying the UK needs to be less reliant on the US in a war. He’s also a big fan of horse racing, so the review of the gambling laws should be interesting.

The second favourite with most bookies is former Chancellor Rishi Sunak. He’s 4/1 at William Hill but people still remember the recent Partygate fine and the problems with the taxation status of his wife. He’s more a Chancellor than a Prime Minister.

Liz Truss is 9/1 at Betfair and that’s not a bad price for the Foreign Secretary. The YouGov poll of Tory party members had her in fourth, a long way behind Ben Wallace. Electing a new PM and remaining Foreign Secretary looks the best she can hope for at present. If she does get the job though, it won’t be long before it’s mentioned she used to be the President of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats.

Penny Mordaunt was an early favourite with some bookmakers but now 6/1 at Betfred. Named after HMS Penelope Here’s another contender that many people wouldn’t successfully choose in an identity parade. Tory party members had her second behind Ben Wallace in the recent poll and she’s not been too shy when it comes to criticising Johnson over Partygate.

There are plenty of other contenders for the job. Sajid Javid is 7/1 at BetVictor after his resignation this week and subsequent speech in the Commons. Javid says he’s not a quitter, but he has resigned twice and didn’t do well in the 2019 Tory leadership contest. A return to the cabinet is probably the best he can achieve.

Tom Tugendhat is 7/1 at William Hill. He’s another one for the ‘do you recognise this man?’ parade. He’s never been in the cabinet though, so getting around that table must surely be his main ambition at present.

Nadim Zahawi is the new Chancellor but 12/1 at Coral to become Prime Minister. Like Tugendhat, perhaps it’s next time not this time. People will wonder why he agreed to become Chancellor one day and then the next day call for the man who appointed him to resign!

It’s going to be an interesting campaign and hopefully one that won’t drag on too long. A final two of Wallace v Truss or Mourdant looks likely. Wallace has the momentum and looks the one to back, even if we’re not too sure what he looks like.