Just Who are 8xBet?

The Mail on Sunday and Norwegian magazine Josimar have raised questions about Manchester City’s relationship with betting company 8xBet.

This summer saw the English Premier League champions sign a deal with 8xBet. It saw the brand become City’s Official Betting Partner in Asia. The announcement was swiftly followed by Josimar (obviously interested in City after they signed Erling Haaland) questioning the claimed history of 8xBet.

This included information about when the gambling firm were founded and who they employ. Both City and 8xBet failed to respond to their questions.

Questions were raised about the announcement that Teddy Sheringham (a former Manchester United player) had been appointed as an ‘ambassador’ for 8xBet. An official signing ceremony was held and videoed. A woman who was apparently from 8xBet shook his hands but she turns out to be a model from London called Jasmine who has no position with 8xBet.

Then in the summer there was a Linkedin profile that claimed to be owned by the co-founder and CEO of 8xBet, Trinh Thu Trang. That was later deleted when her profile photo was revealed to be a stock image. The Mail on Sunday claim the image had been used a fair amount on the internet including for a ‘bisexual cam model’ on a sex site.

Who is the real spokesman for 8xBet? According to Manchester City, it’s Jet Zhu who is the CEO of the marketing firm QOO Global who are based in Dubai. When contacted by the Mail on Sunday, he said that the Trinh Thu Trang profile hadn’t been posted by 8xBet and was “false.”

The newspaper is also interested in QOO Global. The company claims it employs up to 50 people but only one client, 8xBet, is mentioned on their website. They claim that is “due to confidentiality.”

More confusion has arisen over a Pakistan based man who claims to be the CEO of 8xBet which does not appear to be true. His Facebook page says he works as a motivational speaker and is rather keen on quoting Martin Luther King.

8xBet have failed to comply with a Mail on Sunday request to send them their company HQ address and a phone number.

Fulham have also been having problems in this area. They ended a relationship with commercial partner Titan. A Mail on Sunday investigation revealed that the company was ‘staffed’ by fake employees who were being played by actors. They’d been boasting about making financial returns of 480% a year.