It’s Carnage at Bingo Loco

Games change over the years and that appears to be happening to bingo. You might be thinking of trying to win a fluffy toy at the seaside or the bingo halls, but new experiences are now emerging.

Bingo Loco has been playing in theatres and venues around the world. It’s been everywhere from Dubai to New York and now it’s embarking on a UK tour visiting venues from Glasgow to Southampton. Don’t expect rows of grannies at this event though. The crowd at these events might be a bit touchier if they can’t hear the numbers. After all, how many times do you read the word ‘bingo’ in the same sentence as ‘carnage’.

That seems to be the name of the game when Bingo Loco hold their events. The range of prizes is rather interesting too. There are teddy bears to be won, but they are ten-foot high. You can win a lawnmower, a week in Vegas or even better, a new car.

It’s a whole new world when Bingo Loco comes to town. How many times do you get a confetti shower at your local bingo hall? There aren’t that many dance-offs, games of speed Macarena, lip-synch battles, players in fancy dress or cheeky stage performers. It’s amazing actually that they find any time to play a few games of bingo.

The origins of Bingo Loco come from five years ago. Craig Reynolds and a founding partner were serving in the army fighting ISIS. One night they were in a communal hall with Peshmerga soldiers and ended up playing bingo, but not as we know it. They couldn’t speak Arabic so created some rules of their own and a rather drink-related form of bingo was born.

Each bingo hall has its manager but at Bingo Loco, there is a minister of mayhem. One is William Meara who says that they have “dragged bingo from the dark ages into a fully-blown rave.” He adds that people “want more from a night out” and Bingo Loco are “all about more.”

Bingo has had a tough time during the pandemic with halls being closed. More people have been playing online and halls may have problems getting their customers back. It’s not just the bingo halls where you can play the game though.

Of course, there’s still the seaside stalls to play at. All that money spent during a holiday trying to win a fluffy toy or a set of saucepans. Then there’s the gay bars up and down the UK where drag acts read out the numbers.

Yes, bingo has changed through the years and will probably continue to do so. More information about Bingo Loco and tour dates at