Innovation and Re-Openings in Canadian Gambling Industry

Re-Openings in Canadian Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is not one that tends to stand still for any length of time. The past year has been an important one for Canadian sportsbooks and 2022 looks like being even more exciting. A new sports betting concept is on its way to Columbia, just as casinos are due to reopen in Quebec.

The Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is introducing its to 12 bars and pubs as well as the Chances Casino in Kelowna. Last year saw the sportsbook business change due to a change in the criminal code. This saw the restriction on single-event betting finally lifted. Previously, gamblers had to bet on more than one event in a single bet.

Live sports betting odds will be available as well as news of PlayNow promotions. There’ll even be some betting tips that can be seen on the digital screens that each location will have. Players will also receive a CA$10 free bet voucher. All this has been introduced just in time for the Super Bowl, one of the biggest betting events of the year.

Dan Beebe is the BCLC Interim Chief Operating Officer. He said that this “marks the first step in testing how, BC’s local sportsbook, can be implemented at land-based locations.”

He added that the pilot scheme will allow the BCLC to “understand the preference of sports bettors.” This will help create “future experiences and programs to help support safe, positive play.”

Good News for Quebec Gamblers

There’s more good news for Canadian gamblers in Quebec. Casinos that have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic will re-open on February 28. This includes the Montreal, Lac-Leamy and Charlevoix Casinos, the Quebec City and Trois-Rivières gaming rooms.

Also open again will be video lottery terminals that are situated within bars. The Casino de Mont-Tremblant will also re-open but not until March 3.

The news that casinos have been longing to hear came from the Quebec government last week. Hospitalisation figures have been falling in recent weeks and it’s hoped most of the public health restrictions will go by mid-March.

When the casinos do re-open, there will be restrictions in place though. The capacity for each casino will be set at a maximum of 50%. That won’t apply to their theatres, they can have full capacity if health measures are followed.

Restrictions will also include opening hours, vaccination passports and wearing face coverings will be mandatory. These rules will also apply to those working in the gaming areas not just the customers.

Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, says that needing face coverings and vaccination passports are something that will continue for the foreseeable future. The long-term aim is to get to a situation where we just have to learn to live with Covid.