How Would you Spend a Multi-Million Lottery Win?

If thanks to a lottery win you become a multi-millionaire, how would you react? Some winners go on a massive spending spree and yes, some end up broke. However, many others don’t. Take £114.9 million EuroMillions winner Frances Connolly who still keeps a close eye on the pennies as well as the pounds.

It was on the very first day of 2019 that Mrs Connolly and her husband, Patrick, won their EuroMillions jackpot. Never was the saying ‘Happy New Year’ so appropriate. Since that win, the couple have made many charitable donations.

Over half of the £114.9 million has been donated to charities. Recently. Frances has been on a diet and lost 26lbs as part of a fundraising campaign for young carers in Hartlepool and Stockton. Other donations have seen over 360 computers and tablets being given to children to help them during lockdown.

It’s the way this EuroMillions winner deals with her finances that is so interesting. Even with all the donations, there must be around £50 million in her bank account. That’d stop most people checking the latest electric bill but not Frances.

With millions in the bank, shopping shouldn’t be a problem. Just go out and buy what you want but Frances is a little bit different. The EuroMillions winner still looks for bargains when out shopping. It’s the thrill of finding that bargain that is so exciting for people.

Perhaps a bit stranger is the fact every month she checks her bank account. Why? Well, Frances wants to see what is being spent on gas and electricity. It’s a habit perhaps from times when the bank account wasn’t so plentiful. Frances tells how she grew up on “a housing estate in the middle of nowhere.”

The EuroMillions winner has a big whiskey bottle that her coppers and other coins are put into. The bottle was given to her by her father, so there’s a great deal of sentiment there. When it’s full, the money is given to charity.

Another popular way of using lottery winnings is to launch a business or three. That’s what Frances and Patrick have done. They have three plastics firms and again helping good causes with two making parts for NHS beds. “Life is what you make of it,” says the EuroMillions winner. She’s certainly done that since the big win in 2019.

When a big win does come along, it will change your life forever. It’s rather daunting suddenly becoming a millionaire just because of a few numbers. Thankfully, lottery companies do have advisors who are experienced at helping winners cope with their newly won fortune.

Often it takes a while for a lottery winner to come forward. We still don’t know who won a recent $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot. They’re either in shock or are more likely getting financial advice on how to cope with such a large sum. Tomorrow’s Powerball draw has a $184 million jackpot, so another big winner is on the way.