Good and Bad News for Sporting Gamblers

It seems that some sports stars just love to have a bet. Charles Barkley and Floyd Mayweather have had some contrasting results this weekend. In the terms of Barkley, he only has himself to blame for the loss he incurred.

The former basketball player fancies himself as a golfer. The past weekend saw him taking part in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe. He was confident of finishing in the top 70, so he placed a bet of $100,000 at odds of 5-1 on himself to do so. Barkley had even hired Stan Utley to be his new swing coach after a series of poor performances. Well, in fact some had described his swing as “horrific.”

He didn’t get off to a good start in round one though but said he was still “very confident” that his bet would be a winner. However, he admitted that “I screwed up myself today” and “could have played a lot better.”

He just couldn’t close the gap on the top 70 though and ended up tied for 76th and his $100,000 was lost. Barkley finished the tournament on -28 but that’s not 28 under par. The tournament was using a modified Stableford scoring system with points given for the score on each hole. -2 was the score for a double bogey or worse so scoring -28 wasn’t the greatest golfing performance ever seen and was 97 points behind winner Vinny del Negro.

Having a bit more success was Floyd Mayweather. He decided to bet $50,000 on the UFC bout between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. Mayweather had of course beaten McGregor in a farce of a boxing match four years ago.

Mayweather, who has lots of money to burn after another recent farcical contest against YouTuber Logan Paul, decided to take the odds of -140 on Poirier to see if he could win some more cash from the inability of McGregor to win.

Poirier had a great first round against the Irishman but then the fight was stopped due to McGregor breaking his leg. Bad news for McGregor but good news for Mayweather who won $35,714.30, as if he needs to win any more cash.

The ever-shy Mayweather then tagged Poirier to his Twitter and Instagram accounts. His message simply saying: “Thanks for getting me paid!” The victor sent a reply later on, saying: “I got you champ!” Not that Mayweather holds any titles at present.

McGregor hasn’t commented on the bet made by Mayweather. Of course, he could use it to try and get a rematch with Mayweather. Perhaps when his leg gets better, he could take to the golf course and face Charles Barkley, that looks a winnable contest.