Gambling Commission Reveal Three-Year Corporate Strategy

Gambling Commission Reveal Three-Year Corporate Strategy

A three-year Corporate Strategy for the UK Gambling Commission has been unveiled. It sets out their plans for methods that will protect players from harm that can be caused by gambling.

There are five priority areas included in the strategy document. These look at protecting children and vulnerable people, keeping crime out of gambling and creating a fairer market with more information given to consumers. Also included is improving gambling regulation and optimising the amount the National Lottery gives to good causes.

A lot of work to do and during a time when the Government will be reviewing the 2005 Gambling Act. The UK Gambling Commission have already done a lot of work in this area and will continue to do so. When changes are made, they will have their work cut out to make sure that they are adhered to by licence holders.

Protecting children and vulnerable people sees the Commission is an important job for them. They will do their best to ensure that those who have licences given to them minimise risks to them, particularly around underage gambling. Verification of accounts has gone a long way towards tackling this problem. Learn more about Responsible Playing in the UK.

There has been research that has shown a high number of players not understanding how to play games. This can of course lead to losses being made if important rules are misunderstood. The Gambling Commission want products to be both fair and compliant. An easier way to find out information about operators is also desired.

Problem with Illegal and Unlicensed Gambling

While the Gambling Commission grant licences, they know that there is still a problem with those who offer illegal and unlicensed gambling. Money laundering is often associated with this and consumers do not have any protection when things go wrong. Another area that the Gambling Commission will be looking at is maintaining sports betting integrity.

The National Lottery raises millions for good causes every week. The current operators are working under the third licence with a fourth due to begin in 2023. Who will be granted that licence isn’t yet known. The Gambling Commission aim to ensure fair and open competition and ensuring the good causes continue to receive funding. A smooth transition to the new licence holder if it isn’t Camelot is also a high priority.

Bill Moyes

Gambling Commission chair Bill Moyes commented: “Our new three-year strategy maintains the ambition of our previous strategy and goes further in considering how best we can use our current resources.”

He believes that more innovation will “see the gambling industry change further.” As the regulator, they need to “keep pace with that change, be ready to adapt, and ensure that the millions of people who gamble in Great Britain can do so safely.”