First Visit to Casino Sees Player Win over £250,000

When you go a casino for the first time, there’s that dream in your head of winning a big prize. That’s just what happened to Richard from Leeds, when winning £258,750 playing blackjack. His big win came at the Grosvenor Casino in Leeds on November 25.

The 36-year-old works as a roofer and went to the casino with his friends after a hard day’s work. They headed to the blackjack table, and all was going well but then it got a heck of a lot better. Richard was dealt one of the rarest hands you can get, a player and dealer Suited Ace-King.

His winnings are going to be put to good use. Richard plans on making a deposit on a house, which is great news for himself and his girlfriend. Also planned is a 2022 golfing trip to Las Vegas with his father. No doubt there’ll be the odd trip to a casino too.

Winning such an amount is bound to be a bit of a shock. Richard admits that he didn’t realise that the jackpot had been won. “My friend had to tell me I had won and even then, I simply couldn’t believe what was happening to me and I couldn’t believe the amount I had won either,” he said.

Even then he admits that “it didn’t feel real,” especially as it was his first visit to the casino. No wonder he says, “it really was my lucky night.”

That rare hand had already previously appeared at the casino. Keith Biggin also had that hand and won £50,557. A good win for someone who learnt how to play blackjack in Las Vegas. His win led t plenty of cheering and jumping up and down at the blackjack table

The other players had good reason to do that as they’d also won £500. The night got even better when a bottle of champagne was purchased.

The general manager of the Grosvenor Casino is Cath Riley. She’s delighted with the run of good luck on the blackjack table. “It has been a lucky week for the club and a week for the history books I’m sure with over £300,000 won and with such a rare hand too. We can only hope that this luck continues and that our guests will get to celebrate more wins both here and in our other venues across the UK.”