First Time Israeli Player Wins £18.4 million Lottery Jackpot

First Time Israeli Player Wins £18.4 million Lottery Jackpot


The largest ever lottery win in Israel has been won. A single player won NIS 80 million (£18.4 million) and it just happened to be the very first lottery ticket he’d ever purchased.

His win came in the draw held on Saturday February 5 and the winner has already come forward to claim their fantastic winnings. He is in his 30s and comes from Central Israel. His name has not been revealed. The previous record was NIS 76 million, won last May.

Speaking to Hebrew Media, he explained just why he decided to play the lottery for the first time ever. With the jackpot at a record high, there was advertising galore of the draw. This player saw one of them and that prompted him to buy a ticket.

Seeing he had never played before, he had to have the rules of the lottery explained to him. Never did he imagine his first purchase would make him a millionaire. In fact, he said he’d “barely gave it any thought” when deciding his numbers.

The lottery game is run by Mifal HaPais and the Israeli Sports Betting Council. The weekly game draws out six of the 37 main balls. They have to be matched as well as one of the seven primary balls.

Lottery Machine to Select Numbers

He was in a bit of a hurry, so “I invented a quick ‘method’ and only marked one primary number.” Then he allowed the lottery machine to select his other numbers. “I’m not really sure what I did, but it certainly worked,” he joked.

The inexperienced lottery player then recalled the moment he found out about his amazing win. “The moment I saw the winning numbers I knew that they looked familiar. I felt a kind of ‘light’ that I can’t explain.”

He then woke up his wife (always a risky thing to do) and told her the news. “I whispered in my wife’s ear, telling her I think we’ve won the lottery.”

At first his wife didn’t understand what was happening. Firstly, she’d been asleep and secondly, her husband had never even played the lottery before. Eventually she worked out what was happening.

Although it was late, he called his close family to tell them about his lottery success. The lottery winner was so excited he couldn’t sleep. He and his wife were sat in the living room until 6am talking about what had transpired that evening. He still went to work that Sunday and didn’t claim his winnings until the afternoon.

When asked how he’ll spend his winnings, he said that “we don’t lack for anything, and his family are “content with our lifestyle.” However, he added that there is “always room for improvement.” One priority will be to secure the future of his children and his relatives.