Finally, a New Kitchen for £2m Lotto Winner

The day didn’t start well for Andrea Law from Bromsgrove. She was in bed with toothache but then found out she and her husband Mike had won a £2 million Lotto prize.

Discovering the big win in the October 13 Lotto draw on her National Lottery online account, she just put her phone down and didn’t know what to do next. Her husband needed to be told of their amazing news, but he was about to drive their children to school.

“He would have ended up in a hedge, daydreaming about the win if I had told him before he left!” joked the 43-year-old lottery winner. “It felt like the longest journey ever as I waited for him to get home – and the kids’ school is only four minutes away!” she added.

Her hands were shaking when she finally told Mike, 50, the good news. At first, he thought it was going to be bad news. When told of their win, he thought it was all a scam and still didn’t believe it after being shown her National Lottery account. It took a phone call to Camelot to convince him.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to come to terms with their win. Mike just kept looking at his wife and saying, “Oh, my God, you’ve won the lottery.” They went on a short holiday to the Lake District with their two sons before letting others know they were lottery millionaires.

There was more convincing needed as relatives and friends thought it was all a joke. When Andrea told her mother she had something to tell her, she thought a pregnancy announcement was on the way.

It’s not been an easy 18 months for the couple. Mike’s mother passed away as did some other family members. Now they are millionaires, they know it’s “even more important for us to make memories.”

That doesn’t mean going out and buying fancy cars and a new house. They want to “stay grounded” and have “a wonderful time with the people we love.” One item on their spending list is a new kitchen. They had been wanting one, but it looked as if they’d have to put more money on their mortgage.

This lottery win has changed all of that. Not only will Andrea get the new kitchen she’s been after, but their mortgage will be paid off. Andrea says that is “massive for us” as it had been looking like they’d have to work longer to pay it off.