€130m EuroMillions Superdraw this Friday

For the first time ever, there is going to be a EuroMillions Superdraw in December. We’re just days away from December 3 and a €130 million (£110 million) jackpot.

It looked as if we might not need a Superdraw. The EuroMillions jackpot had reached €162 million for the draw held last Friday. However, that draw was a lucky one indeed for a ticket sold in France. It matched the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars to win the top prize.

With that win, the EuroMillions Superdraw was announced. That means the December 3 draw will see the jackpot enhanced by at least €100 million.

It will be the fourth EuroMillions Superdraw of the year. If not won, it could keep on rolling over and see the lottery get to a new record jackpot cap of €230 million.

Only one of the three EuroMillions Superdraw events held this year have produced a jackpot winner. That was the one held on June 4. A ticket sold in the UK landed the top prize. That was the ninth largest UK EuroMillions win. However, we have no idea who won it as the winner(s) asked to remain anonymous.

It was back on February 6 when the first of the EuroMillions Superdraw events was held. No jackpot winner that night and it rolled over until February 23 when a ticket sold in Switzerland won the record €210 million top prize.

The most recent EuroMillions Superdraw was held on September 24. That ended in a rollover and we had to wait until October 15 for the top prize to finally be won. That saw a win of €220 million, the new largest ever EuroMillions jackpot. The win was by a ticket sold in France.

Where does the additional money for the Superdraw come from? Well, a percentage of the prize fund from every EuroMillions draw goes into a Reserve Fund. Tickets for the Superdraw aren’t any dearer than for the ordinary draws.

Which numbers could be the ones that turn you into a multi-millionaire? Many players use birthdays and anniversaries to select their numbers. Looking at recent draws, that won’t win you the jackpot this Friday.

That big win on November 26 saw three of the main numbers being over 31. That was the fifth in a row that would have scuppered any tickets just using the numbers 1-31. Not since September 10 has there been a draw that had all the main numbers in the 1-31 range and even that produced a rollover.

As for the Lucky Stars, number 07 came out on November 23 and 26 so might not come out for a while. Who knows though, it is a random draw. Just choose your numbers and hope that big win comes along.