Deposit Limits to be Introduced in Belgium

There are several ways in which governments are attempting to make online gambling safer. One idea is to create deposit limits and that’s just what has happened in Belgium.

Players will only be able to deposit a maximum of €200 (£171) a week per licensed website that they have registered with. The limit was part of a Royal Decree that has been published in the Belgian Official Gazette. This new deposit limit comes into force on 20 October.

Calculation of the amount deposited will be the last seven days of activity for each player. All players’ limits will be reset to the 200 euros figure when October 20 is reached.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that no players will be able to deposit more than €200 a week. It will be possible to make an application to Belgium’s Gaming Commission (BGC) to have an increased limit. For this to be accepted, a check will be made with the National Bank of Belgium. This will see if the player is on their Central Individual Credit Register as being in default of payments. They could well be busy people from October 20 onwards.

If that check shows that they are not on the list, then the deposit limit can be taken away. This would take place three days after the request has been received. Then, the player will be allowed to deposit an amount that is unlimited.

That’s not the end of the story for those who manage to get their deposit limit lifted. The BGC will monitor the players on a continual basis. This will be to check that they aren’t in default of payment. If that is the case, then the weekly deposit limit for that player will be returned to €200.

It works both ways though. Players will be able to ask their gambling operator to reduce the €200 deposit limit. Each player is different in terms of the finances they have. Being able to deposit €200 a week and doing so may be creating big problems, especially if losses are made.

If such a request is made, there won’t be a delay as with asking to increase the deposit limit. The decision to reduce the deposit limit will be processed immediately by the gambling operator. This has to happen for each operator who the player has registered with.

The regulator says that the aim is to prevent someone becoming a “problematic gambler” and o “keep the game fun.” To achieve this, the recommendation is not to spend over 5% of your income on gambling. ““If you win €2,000, this means that your deposit limit should not exceed €25 per week,” says the regulator.