Cookies or Birthdays for your Lottery Numbers?

How do you choose your lottery numbers? There are many ways in which you can perform this act as you hope they will provide you with a big win.

One common method employed is to select numbers that are special to you. Using birthdays or anniversaries of your loved ones can pay dividends. There is the downside of the fact you might end up sharing your winnings with a lot of players. That may well happen if the numbers drawn are all in the 1-31 range.

The recent April 23 EuroMillions draw fits into that category with the highest number drawn being 29. There were no jackpot winners but 82 winner in the next three tiers. That’s compared to 24 in the next draw that had two numbers above 31.

Perhaps it is best to include just a few special numbers and a couple above 31. That way if a big win does come along, then fewer players are going to be winners and your prize much larger.
A degree of patience is needed with your lottery numbers. You may consider them to be lucky ones but what if they don’t live up to their name? A woman from Wollongong in Australia, used her numbers for 23 years before a $1m Oz Lotto win last month. Another recent Wednesday Lotto winner in Australia only had to wait a few months for their special numbers to win them $800,000. Will your numbers continue to be lucky? One recent winner said they’d be retiring their numbers after they’d produced a big win.

Changing your numbers is something that many players do. They lose faith in just how lucky their numbers are and ditch them. Always a bit dangerous to do that and you hope that a future draw doesn’t see those discarded numbers become winning ones.

March of this year saw Denis Fawsitt from Derbyshire win a £116,124 EuroMillions prize. He’d been using birthdays and anniversaries for his numbers. However, one day he’d forgotten his glasses and had to get a Lucky Dip ticket instead. He’d have had no chance of a big win with his usual numbers as three of the five main balls were over 31. His new set of numbers did the trick though. If he’d matched both of the Lucky Stars not one, he’d have won the £62m jackpot.

It might be a trip to your local Chinese takeaway that makes you a lottery millionaire. Richard Davis from Florida, USA, used the numbers from a fortune cookie for a Florida Lottery draw. Those numbers led to a $10m jackpot win.

A one-off occurrence? Far from it, Charles W Jackson Jr used the same method and won a $233m Powerball prize. Research was carried out a few years ago into how you’d have gotten on using certain fortune cookies numbers over a 20-year period of playing Powerball. A profit would have been made, so perhaps a few more orders of Fried Rice might be the answer to any financial problems. It’s all a random draw though, so best not to stake too high an amount.