Chinese Lottery Player Hides $30m Win From His Wife

When a big lottery win comes along, most husbands can’t wait to tell their family the good news. Not a man from Southern China who didn’t tell his wife and child that he’d had a near 220 million yuan ($30m) success.

His real identity has not been revealed but he’s been given the pseudonym Li. Why did he behave this way? Well, he was concerned that his windfall might make them lazy and arrogant.

The secretive player from the Guangxi Zhuang region had spent 80 yuan on 40 lottery tickets. Each of them had the same seven lottery numbers. They proved to be lucky ones, winning him nearly 220 million yuan in the October 21 draw.

Such was the shock of his big lottery win he was unable to sleep that night. The following morning he was up early and took a train to Nanning. There he spent the weekend in a hotel and finally he got some sleep.

He must have been fed up with the sight of his hotel room by the time he checked out. That’s because he was scared to go out just in case he lost his 40 winning tickets.

When he did pluck up the courage to leave, he went to the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Centre to collect his winnings. When the presentation ceremony was held, he dressed up in a mascot costume to protect his identity. Apparently that’s a common occurrence in China for those lottery winners who wish to remain anonymous

After payment of taxes and making a 5 million yuan donation to charity, he was left with 171 million yuan ($23.6 million).

He’s been secretive about his win. He said he hadn’t told anyone about his windfall and that includes his wife and child. Explaining why, he said that he was “concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in future.”

Li added that he has been playing lotteries for over a decade. He’d been playing the same numbers for the past few years simply because they “looked pleasing.” Well they most certainly are now!

He’d only had small wins in the past but that didn’t worry him as he considers playing the lottery to be a hobby. He doesn’t spend too much and said his family “does not care” about him playing the lottery. “It provides a ray of hope for me,” he said.

Now that ray of hope has finally arrived, he’s undecided about how to spend his winnings. It’s been reported that his win will be considered a joint asset with his wife, when she finally discovers the luck her husband has had.