Change of Numbers Leads to Big Lottery Win

Change of Numbers Leads to Big Lottery Win

Would you change your lottery numbers hoping the new set will bring better luck? That’s what Suzy Fenton from Wakefield in Yorkshire, England did. It worked too as she won £10,000 every month for a year in the August 1 Set For Life draw.

The 44-year-old decided that she’d change her usual numbers to 07-11-19-31-47 and it proved to be the best decision she’s ever made. The customer services administrator hadn’t checked the results to see if her new set of numbers had produced a better result for her.

In fact, Suzy was chatting to her work colleagues about how she’d spend a big lottery win, not knowing it had already happened. It wasn’t until two days after the Set For Life draw that she went online to check her emails and received a massive but pleasant surprise.

Telling your partner or family about a big lottery win is never an easy task. Suzy had that problem with her partner (who she has been with for 25 years) thought she was joking. Her first purchase has already been made. With the weather so hot, a new air conditioning system has been bought.

The ticket that won her £10,000 a month for a year was only purchased because she had some spare funds in her National Lottery account. But why change her numbers? Well she just felt that the ones being used weren’t bringing her luck. Instead, Suzy chose some that “I felt were lucky to me and close to my heart, such as birthdays and favourite numbers.”

Some of her winnings will be used to pay off her mortgage and other bills, ideal during the current financial crisis. Once that has been achieved, Suzy wants to visit friends she has in Canada and Texas.

It’ll be her first meeting with them as their friendship began while gaming online. “”We play all of the time and have been for the last five years but have never actually met. Now I cannot wait to fly out and meet them both” said the Set For Life winner. She added that before this big win it’s something “I would never have even been able to even think about doing such a thing.”

Her win won’t just help pay bills and visit her friends overseas. In her 20’s, Suzy was in a car accident that caused a serious back injury. This windfall will help her manage the pain that she still feels from that injury.

While not considering giving up her job at present, it might be possible to go part-time in the future. “The idea of not working full-time would be massive. It really is a ‘set for life’ win because it’s almost like having this little lottery win every month for a year.”