Can Lesnar and Lita Win Titles at WWE Elimination Chamber?

Can Lesnar and Lita Win Titles at WWE Elimination Chamber

WWE are on their way back to Saudi Arabia for another big payday. The Elimination Chamber ‘premium live event’ is being held on February 19 and so far, two title matches have been confirmed.
The WWE title will be defended in the Elimination Chamber. It’s another form of cage match with each of the six wrestlers in pods that open after certain time periods and allow the wrestler to exit and enter the match. It’s not a case of escaping the Elimination Chamber, wrestlers lose by being pinned or made to submit.

Recently crowned champion Bobby Lashley (thanks Roman) defends the belt against former champion Brock Lesnar, Seth ‘Freakin’’ Rollins, Austin Theory, Riddle and AJ Styles. Lesnar is due to to challenge Reigns for the Universal Title at WrestleMania 38. There have been rumours of that being a title v title match, so perhaps Lesnar will regain the belt in Saudi Arabia.

Betfair have Lesnar as the even money favourite with Lashley at 6/4. Rollins is 10/3 but it’s hard to look past Lesnar and Lashley in this match. With the feud against Reigns intensifying, could Reigns somehow get into the Elimination Chamber and again cost his rival a title match?

Lesnar is the 4/6 favourite with the same bookies to beat Reigns at WrestleMania. That looks a perfectly normal move to take. WrestleMania should be about ending long-running feuds and this one between Lesnar and Reigns has been going on for a fair while now. Just what part will Paul Heyman play? He’s twice cost Lesnar matches against Reigns and turned on him at the Royal Rumble.

Former Champion Returns

The big question is what the heck is Riddle doing in this match? What has the frankly annoying guy done to get a title shot? His future has to be a feud with tag partner Randy Orton because that’s what tag partners do in WWE. Perhaps Orton might try to attack Riddle and take his place in the match?

Former champion Lita has made her return this year. There have been appearances on Smackdown talking of one last run. That began with her taking part in the Royal Rumble and lasting 10 minutes, but it appears the 46-year-old Lita is hanging around for a bit longer.

Elimination Chamber will see her challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s title. Lita last held a women’s title in WWE 16 years ago. The WWE Hall of Famer has won four titles but is another one on the way?

Lita is unlikely to win the title. You can get odds of 3/1 at Betfair on her winning the match with Lynch at 1/5. Remember, Lita could win this match by disqualification or count out to land the odds for you but not see her win the title. That was the case at the Royal Rumble where Seth ‘Freakin’’ Rollins beat Roman Reigns by disqualification, but Reigns kept the Universal title.

No other matches have been announced. With Rollins in the WWE title match, it looks as if we won’t be seeing a Reigns v Rollins return. It’s the last major show before WrestleMania 38 in April. Shows in Saudi Arabia don’t usually mean that much, this one might just be very different. There are feuds to further and some to create before WrestleMania.