Camelot Report Record Sales Figures

Camelot have reported their latest financial figures for the National Lottery. Half-year sales have reached their highest ever total, mainly due to an increase in online sales.

The company is in the process of being purchased by Allwyn, who will take over the National Lottery licence in February 2024.

Overall sales for the six months up to September 24 were £4.1 billion. That’s a rise of 2.6% compared to the same period in 2021. Online sales have been rising sharply with a 13% increase. Mobile phone sales have climbed 19% to a record £1.4 billion.

The huge EuroMillions jackpots seen this summer were behind the big increase in sign-ups. The jackpot reached £184 million in May. During that period, there were over 15,000 new players signing up for the National Lottery app and website.

The current National Lottery operators say that 2022 has been a “difficult” time for retail sellers of lottery tickets. In-store ticket sales fell by 4.7% to £2.2 billion. Fewer shoppers now prefer to either buying their tickets online or they simply doing bigger shops less.

Scratchcard and instant win game sales have fallen by 3.7% to £1.7 billion. Again, in-store sales have fallen the most.

Commenting on the results, Camelot said that “retail remains the largest National Lottery sales channel” and they remain “committed” to doing all they can to help their in-store partners.

Their chief executive, Nigel Railton said the results “demonstrate our ability to adapt quickly and decisively to fast-changing and challenging economic conditions, while maintaining our longstanding reputation for selling tickets in a socially responsible way.”

With Allwyn due to take over the National Lottery in February 2024, there have been calls for additional help to be given to protect players from gambling harm. A committee of MPs has recommended that Allwyn make a greater financial commitment to the GambleAware charity who help those suffering from gambling harm. They want to see lottery products given details of support services.

There has also been criticism over the amount Camelot raises for good causes. This was seen as one of the reasons the UK Gambling Commission awarded the new National Lottery licence to Allwyn. However, the new figures show a record half-year returns for good causes. The amount raised was £956.5 million, up 8.1%.

Allwyn have already pledged to increase the amount of money that is raised for good causes when they become National Lottery operators.