Bournemouth Sign Sponsorship Deal with Dafabet

It’s been another bad month for those who want to see the links between gambling companies and football clubs ended. After Everton signed a deal with stake,com, now Dafabet are sponsoring Premier League new boys Bournemouth.

There had been some good news with Crystal Palace ending their deal with W88 but that hasn’t proved to be a trend. Bournemouth now have a two-year deal with Dafabet that will see their name on the front of Bournemouth’s shirts.

Whether that deal will see the shirts being seen for two seasons in the Premier League is questionable. The newly-promoted side are a short price to make an immediate return to the Championship.

Dafabet will be the club’s principal partner for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons. They will also be making a financial donation to Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust. That has the task of supporting projects that help adults find employment.

Rob Mitchell is the commercial director of Bournemouth. He sees the new deal with Dafabet as providing “crucial revenue” for them. Mr Mitchell added that Dafabet “have a huge presence in sport” and he looks forward to a “successful partnership” with the gambling company.

Dafabet have previously worked with several football clubs. The list includes Everton, West Bromwich Albion, Celtic, Aston Villa and Fulham. Cricket teams have also been sponsored as well as snooker tournaments.

Their head of sponsorships is John Cruces, and he has an eye on the exposure the deal will give Dafabet. Talking about the Premier League he said: “It’s the most watched league in football – so being on the front of the shirt gives us excellent branding worldwide.”

News of the deal hasn’t gone down well with their fans judging by comments on the Bournemouth Echo website. ‘Sit down shut up’ commented: “Welcome to the prem it’s all about money, get a life ban for letting off a smoke device but feel proud to have a gambling name on your shirt.” They added: “who thought a gambling logo across our shirts would go down well with fans.”
How will the UK government react to the news though? They are reviewing the 2005 Gambling Act and sponsorship by betting companies is high on the list of possible changes.

There are many campaigners and politicians who want to see such sponsorship deals ended. Rumours have circulated that rather than an outright ban, the government will look to negotiate a voluntary agreement with clubs to end such sponsorship deals.

How is that going to happen though when 10 per cent of Premier League clubs have just signed new deals with gambling companies? If there is a desire to not have gambling sponsorships, then why are new deals being signed with them? Particularly when the sponsors are signing deals because they know it will give them massive amounts of exposure to the public.