Bid to Boost Female Participation in Poker

How many women play poker? Well, if PokerStars and Poker Power have their way, it’ll be a lot more in the future. What they have planned though is about more than just trying to get a few flushes and straights.

They have teamed up to create a poker bootcamp with the aim of getting more females to either take up the game or improve their skills. The bootcamp will last four weeks and allow participants to improve their gameplay.

It’s hoped that players from all around the world will take part. They’ll have practice sessions using Poker Powers’ teaching app and take part in specialised tournaments and home games run by PokerStars.

There will also be one-on-one tutorials during the four-week Poker bootcamp. This will be PokerStars ambassadors including GJ Reggie, Lali Tournier and Jennifer Shahade. The hope is that this will help participants win a place at a special event.

That’s due to be held at a European Poker Tour event in Prague. They could even end up in the Bahamas at a PokerStars No Limit Hold’em Championship.

The Managing Director and General Manager of Poker Power is Erin Lyndon, who describes this venture with PokerStars as a “milestone project.” It’s not just about knowing when to hold and when to bet, Poker Power wants to “teach one million women business and life skills through the game of poker.”

Lyndon added that the hope is they will be able to “create more opportunities for women, and that perceptions of poker will begin to shift, and more women will feel empowered and safe to step up to the gaming table.”

PokerStars say that the project is a “key part” of their desire to grow the game of poker and see more women playing. They also want to ensure that players have a comfortable and safe place to play whether that be online or around a table.

Their Director of Partnerships, PR and Consumer Engagement is Rebecca McAdam Willetts who believes Poker Power are “the perfect partner” to work with on this project. That’s because the work Poker Power does “transcends the gaming table” due to their teaching of skills that “can be applied to the boardroom and beyond.”

There is still work to be done though to make poker more inclusive but the hope of PokerStars is that “a lot can be done when we row in the same direction together.” The bootcamps will be “an essential first opportunity to pique interest in women who have never played the game before.” Not just that though but for those who already play, it can “evolve their skills and gain confidence at the tables.”