Become a $107m Lottery Winner and Drink Nicer Wine

When you become a multi-millionaire, there is the chance to get someone else to do all the jobs you hate. There’s also the possibility to stop working and put your feet up and relax. A woman from Sydney, Australia has done one of those things but not stopped working.

It was in January 2019 that the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, won a $107 million Australian Powerball jackpot. We only know that she’s in her 40s and married. She’s recently been talking about how the win has changed her life and given advice to future winners.

Why carry on working when you’ve won over $100 million? Well, the lucky winner and her husband do so because “we both love our jobs.” In fact, she went to work and did a shift the day she discovered her £107 million win.

Work she loves, ironing she most definitely doesn’t. “I’ll clean and cook, but I’m more than happy to never pick up an iron again,” she says. That’s just what is happening now as the Australian Powerball winner gets someone else to do that task.

Winning such a huge amount is fantastic of course. However, from that moment on your life changes forever. There are plenty of stories of big lottery winners who spend, spend, spend and end up penniless.

This Australian Powerball winner has plenty of good advice on how to cope with the change to your life. She suggests that going to work is a good idea. “In the beginning, it’s important to go about your usual day-to-day life while you really think about things. It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in.”

Getting help from a financial advisor is a top priority. You may well dream of becoming a multi-millionaire but it’s a life you’ve never lived. The Australian Powerball winner believes you should “Run, don’t walk, to a really good financial advisor.”

A fortnight passed before she received her amazing win. Those two weeks were put to good use to get that financial advisor and importantly, it has to be one that you can trust.
What about telling your friends and relatives? Her advice is to be choosy over who you tell the great news too. “Take some time to think about who you might tell before you start sharing the news with your family and friends, and let the story get out of the headlines first.”

Luckily for her, not one of the people she told asked her for a hand-out. She told them “it had been locked away.” Financial advisors do recommend to people that they don’t listen to all the ideas people might have about how their winnings could be used. There are too many stories of businesses being launched and money lost.

There have been many highlights for the Australian Powerball winner since her success. One happens every time she returns to her new home. “Every time I walk into my beautiful home is a pinch me moment,” she says.

A “nicer bottle” of wine can be afforded too these days. When finding out about her win, she and her husband celebrated with a “cheap bottle of chardonnay.” Now that’s a real benefit of being a lottery winner.