Another Massive EuroMillions Win for the UK

Another Massive EuroMillions Win for the UK

A brilliant year for UK players in the EuroMillions lottery continued on Friday September 2. A ticket sold in the UK won the £110.9 million jackpot. It’s a win that will please the rest of Europe.

That’s because the win means that on Friday September 9, there will now be a EuroMillions Superdraw. That will see an enhanced jackpot of 130 million euros (£112.6 million). There was a possibility that the Superdraw would be postponed due to the high jackpot.

Two rollovers on Friday and next Tuesday would have seen that happen. That was the case earlier in the year when a scheduled Superdraw was called off. With Friday’s win, that won’t now be the case. No one has yet come forward to claim their great win.

There’ll be a £14 million jackpot in the September 6 draw but whatever happens it’ll be massively enhanced in the next draw.

There have now been 11 EuroMillions draws this year that have produced a jackpot win. It’s been an incredible year for the UK with five top prizes won. It’s not just the fact that jackpots are being won by tickets sold in the UK. Four of the five jackpot wins have seen the winner receive at least £109 million.

The five jackpot wins have seen over £640 million won by UK ticket holders. That includes a record £195.7 million jackpot win in July, the largest ever EuroMillions win. The huge amount won by the UK is just over double all the other jackpots won this year.

France have had three EuroMillions jackpot wins but the highest was £56 million. Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have also had jackpot success but none over the £64 million mark. It seems in 2022 when there’s a £100 million + top prize in the EuroMillions draw, it’s the UK who are the winners.

The UK success on Friday September 2 was the 119th ticket to win a EuroMillions jackpot. That takes them level with France with Spain trailing in third with 114.

While players of the EuroMillions draw wait for the Superdraw on Friday, Italian players are still trying to win the SuperEnalotto draw.

Saturday September 3 saw yet another rollover and the jackpot hasn’t been won since May 2021. The next draw is on Tuesday and the top prize is up to a record 266.3 million. That’s a higher amount that can ever be won in the EuroMillions draw which has a maximum jackpot cap of 250 million euros.

This could be the most successful week in European lottery history. Could the EuroMillions Superdraw and the record breaking SuperEnalotto jackpot be won? Only time and a lot of luck will tell.