Algerian Man Battles to Claim €250,000 Scratchcard win

Winning a quarter of a million euros on a scratchcard is a dream come true. Not being able to claim your winnings is an absolute nightmare. That’s the situation facing a 28-year-old Algerian man who has moved to Belgium.

His win came on a €5 scratchcard but is too large to be paid out in cash. Why can’t he claim his prize? Well, the Algerian does not have the necessary papers to do so. Nor does he have a permanent place and that is making it difficult to open a bank account.

There has been an attempt to claim the winnings but that didn’t go well. A friend of the winner who has got the necessary papers found himself in trouble with the police.

He does possess the correct papers and went to the lottery headquarters in Brussels. It didn’t go well though and he and two others ended up being arrested on suspicion of theft. They spent the night detained by the police. Only when the scratchcard winner explained the situation were the released.

Such a big win will have you dreaming of how it can be used. This Algerian player is no exception to the rule. ed to cm the money for him was briefly detained on suspicion of theft.

Anyone who wins a prize this high will be full of dreams on how they can spend it. Speaking to the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, the unnamed Algerian told of how he wanted to use his winnings if he can get his hands on them. Plans include buying a home in Brussels and maybe a car too.

He’s had an adventurous four months. Firstly, he left Algeria and travelled by boat to Spain. Next, he walked through Spain and France before finally making it to Belgium. His intention had been to then go to the UK but that’s no longer the case.

He wants to stay in Belgium and start a family so his scratchcard winnings would be put to good use. “I will also look for a wife,” he said. “Still, I am not going to find one with my money, but with my heart.

His lawyer is Alexander Verstraete and he is hopeful documentation can be received, allowing the win to be paid out. “He will have to contact his family in Algeria,” said the lawyer. He added that authorities will not be deporting the Algerian until he has received his winnings.

The winning scratchcard is currently in the hands of a court in Bruges. That’s near the port of Zeebrugge where it had been purchased.