£2m Scratchcard Wins Nearly Lost due to Roadworks

£2m Scratchcard Wins Nearly Lost due to Roadworks

Roadworks can be a right pain at times. However, they very nearly caused Ian Black from Carlisle in England to miss out on a £2 million lottery win on January 13.

The 61-year-old is a regular player of scratchcards. He’d just finished working a nightshift and was on his way home. His plan was to stop off at a local garage, buy himself a newspaper and also purchase a scratchcard.

However, there were roadworks outside the garage, and he nearly decided to go to another one. Lucky for him and his wife Sandra, 55, he decided against doing so. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to recall the moment he discovered his £2 million win.

“I went out of the shop and sat and scratched it – I just could not believe what I was seeing. I let out a scream and immediately drove home,” said the scratchcard winner. When he arrived home, Ian shouted for his wife to come downstairs as he had something to tell her.

£2 Million Winner almost Lost

Sandra feared something had happened to their dog, Meg (more about her later). Instead, she was told they’d won £2 million but as if often the case, she thought he was joking. Then she took two looks at the scratchcard, realized her husband was telling the truth and nearly fainted. “Sandra just went white,” said her husband.

Sandra still wasn’t totally convinced though and asked Ian to phone Camelot for confirmation. “I just couldn’t believe it. I thought that doesn’t happen to us, there must be something wrong with the card,” she recalled. The win was confirmed and this time it was her husband who went white.

When receiving their cheque for £2 million, Ian joked “I don’t think I have even seen that many zeroes.” Since the big win, one very important decision has been made.

Mr Black had been working as a production operator at Pirelli Tyres. He’d been there for 42 years but now he’s handed in his notice. That surprised his boss but then Ian told him why he was leaving. “That feeling when I could just say ‘I have won the National Lottery’ is a moment I will never forget,” he said.

The couple will also help their five children and 10 grandchildren. Their scratchcard windfall will be used to help them get on the property ladder. As for Sandra and Ian, they want to build their own “dream home.”

It’s not just humans who are going to benefit from this £2 million win. The couple took in a rescue dog, but the Labrador-Staffie cross has had a few medical problems. One operation has already been carried out on of her legs and another is due. The scratchcard win will ensure there’s no problem paying the bills.