£191m EuroMillions Jackpot Will Be Won This Week

The wait goes on for a winner of the EuroMillions jackpot. The same can be said of the Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto top prizes. One fact we do know though is that sometime this week, a record EuroMillions jackpot will be won.

How do we know that? There are no crystal balls or tarot cards involved here. The simple fact is that if Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw ends in a rollover, there will be a must-be-won draw held on Friday July 22.

The EuroMillions jackpot cap of 230 million euros (£191 million) has been reached. Unlike the other two lotteries this article will look at, the rollovers can’t just go on and on. There are four rollovers allowed once the jackpot cap has been reached. If the top prize still hasn’t been won, then it’s time for the must-be-won draw and it’ll be a history-making one.

If we do get to that stage, then the highest winning tier will win or share the whole jackpot. That means you could get the five main numbers and just one Lucky Star but win the top prize.

At present, the jackpot can’t go any higher, so the second-tier is increasing more than usual. The draw held on Tuesday July 12 saw five players just one ball away from the jackpot. Three were from the UK, each winning £3.6 million.

The most recent draw was on Friday July 15 and on that occasion, 14 tickets missed out by just one ball. Five were sold in the UK with each winner taking home £1.4 million. If that had been the must-be-won draw, then they would have shared the £191 million jackpot. That would have seen each ticket win just under £14 million. A great sum to win but one that is less than the minimum jackpot.

There’s only been three EuroMillions jackpots won since March. The last success was on June 10 when a ticket sold in the UK won £54.9 million.

Meanwhile in Italy, they’ve been waiting for someone to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot since May 2021. Saturday’s draw produced yet another rollover and the jackpot on Tuesday will be 240.2 million euros.

That’s a significant figure as it’s higher than the next EuroMillions jackpot cap. If it can go higher than a quarter of a billion euros, then that’d be higher than any amount you can win playing EuroMillions.

In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot for Tuesday’s draw is $530 million. If that prize was won on Tuesday, the winner won’t suddenly see $530 million in their bank account. It can either be received as one payment followed by annual ones for the next 29 years.or a cash value of $304.7 million that would then be subject to state and federal taxes.

So, we begin a week that will see a record EuroMillions jackpot won. Will the others follow suit though?