$126.6m Australian Powerball Jackpot Shared by Two Tickets

$126.6m Australian Powerball Jackpot Shared by Two Tickets

The Australian Powerball draw held on Thursday February 24 saw two tickets share the $126.6m jackpot. 251 players will have a share of that top prize but only one becomes a multi-millionaire.

One of the winning tickets was sold in Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia but not to a single player. It was a 250-strong syndicate called ‘Goldfields, let’s pay our mortgages’ that won $63.3m, meaning each player will receive just over a quarter of a million dollars.

One of the Western Australian winners is Kira. The bank employee couldn’t believe it when realizing their numbers had won one half of the Australian Powerball jackpot. Her luck was really in as Kira is also in another syndicate and that’s produced another $2,000 for her.

Jane is another of the winners and said the Australian Powerball win was “just unbelievable, really, what a feeling.” The lucky player is going to take time to work out how to spend her winnings.

“We don’t want to rush in and do something and then go ‘that’s not really what we should have done with it,” she said. It’s already an exciting time with her as next week sees her receiving a visit from her daughter who she hasn’t seen due to the pandemic. Jane will finally get to see her two grandchildren for the firs time and a big celebratory dinner is being planned.

Despite their big win, both Kira and Jane went to work on the day they discovered their big win. Their ticket was purchased from a newsagents owned by Kevin and Tania Parkes. It’s a lucky place to buy tickets as one won $21m 16 years ago.

The other winning ticket was purchased by a middle-aged family man from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. He’d quickly checked his Australian Powerball ticket and realized it had made him a multi-millionaire.

His morning had been spent following the local news on television. They were talking about the Australian Powerball win, and he thought to himself, “I can’t believe that winner is me!”
He plans on using his winnings to buy a red sports car, a new house and go on some holidays. Helping his family is also on his spending list. He also went to work on the day he found out about his big win. How he managed to concentrate on his job is anyone’s guess.

The winning numbers in the February 24 Australian Powerball draw were: 06-09-15-27-28-32-33.