$100,000 Winning Scratchcard Saves the Day

Can you imagine the look on the face of your partner when forgetting their birthday? It’s enough to put you off your supper and that’s not going to be a birthday cake either. However, for one Australian couple from Bray Park in Queensland, it led to a $100,000 scratchcard win, though it took a while before they realised how much had been won.

The winners have asked to remain anonymous, but they have told the tale of their $100,000 win. It’s one that gets more and more shocking as time goes by.

Forgetting a birthday is bad enough but the male half of this partnership really put his foot in it. He actually believed that her birthday was the following day. All of this led to her describing her birthday as a “not-so-great-day”, but a happy ending was on its way.

Having realized his massive mistake, he knew that he had to make amends. It was all a bit like heading to the local garage on Christmas Day. Off he went to go and buy his partner a present.

That consisted of a card with some money but also some scratchcards inside. Now that might seem a strange gift to give. After all, the already upset partner might not be too happy if given some worthless scratchcards.

That wasn’t the case this time though. His hope was that there might be a win of some kind that would allow his partner to go shopping and spoil herself rotten. What was going to happen if they were all losers isn’t known. One of the Crossword Sea Life scratchcards was a winner. They thought initially though that the win was only $750. More than enough to be spent on a shopping spree.

Then they checked the scratchcard again and it got better. They now thought they’d won $10,000. Not wanting to lose the scratchcard, they hid it. The next day they still weren’t sure that the scratchcard had won $10,000. An even closer inspection by her partner revealed the truth, it had won $100,000.

Not surprisingly, his partner just didn’t believe him. “No, I don’t believe you! No, truly” was what the surprised winner kept repeating. No wonder she says that her partner is no longer in her bad books.

A “nice dinner” followed as the couple celebrated their win. One that probably would never have happened if he knew when his partner was born. The couple now plan some home renovations and a new car. There’s one problem now though. Just what will she buy her partner that could top the one he eventually gave her.