Will you win on Super Tuesday?

It simply must be christened Super Tuesday. May 10 is going to be the most lucrative night in European lottery history. Both the EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto jackpots have crashed through the 200 million euros mark.

Could both be won on Tuesday, just one would be great. Another set of rollovers would see more history created.

There was yet another rollover in Friday’s EuroMillions draw. No tickets could match the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to win the jackpot. That means there hasn’t been a winner of the top prize since March 19 when tickets sold in France and Spain shared a €52 million jackpot.

Tuesday’s draw has a top prize of €215 million (£184 million) and just one more rollover will see Friday’s draw having the largest ever EuroMillions jackpot. The record jackpot is the €220 million that a ticket sold in Tahiti won in December 2021.

After that record-breaking win, the EuroMillions jackpot cap rose to €230 million. If Tuesday’s draw doesn’t produce a jackpot winner, then the jackpot cap will be reached. We could even end up with a must-be-won draw if there are four more rollovers after the jackpot cap has been reached.

We could see a British record on Tuesday. The record EuroMillions win by a ticket sold in the UK is £170 million won three years ago.

What is extraordinary about the current jackpot is it has been achieved without the aid of a EuroMillions Superdraw. In recent years, a €130 million Superdraw has been held and not been won. A few more rollovers led to the jackpot cap being reached and a record win take place.

A EuroMillions Superdraw was due to take place on April 29. However, the series of rollovers led to it being postponed. That’s because the jackpot due on the 29th was larger than the scheduled enhanced one.

There’s one big difference between EuroMillions and Italy’s SuperEnalotto draw. The Italian lottery doesn’t have a jackpot cap. That means just like the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots in the USA, they can rollover to enormous amounts.

Both of those American lotteries have seen jackpots of over $1 billion. It’d take a fair while for the SuperEnalotto jackpot to reach those dizzy heights. There may be three draws a week, but each rollover only increases the jackpot total by just over €1 million.

It was last May when the last SuperEnalotto jackpot was won. On that occasion, it was a €156 million win. Since then, it’s been rollover after rollover and finally the €200 million mark has been reached. On Tuesday, the top prize will be €2.

The record win is €209.1 million which was won three years ago. If the rollovers continue, then that record might be broken sometime in the final week of May.