Will You Be the £184m EuroMillions Winner on Friday?

Hours must have been spent trying to work out what numbers to choose for the October 12 EuroMillions draw. All of it failed to win the record EuroMillions jackpot of €220 million (£184 million). Time to get your thinking caps on and win it on Friday October 15.

The jackpot cap has been reached, so it will be the same top prize on Friday. There will be a higher second tier win up for grabs and that could see you becoming a lottery millionaire. There might even be a must-win draw soon if the record jackpot isn’t won.

After reaching the jackpot cap, there can be four draws before it’s must-win time. This was the first draw since the jackpot cap was reached, so the draw on Tuesday October 26 would be the one where you won’t necessarily have to match all the balls to become a multi-millionaire. If no one matches the five main balls and the two Lucky Stars, then all of the top prize will be divided by the second-tier winners.

Tuesday’s winning numbers were: 06-13-22-45-49 and the two Lucky Stars 10 and 11. Anyone using birthdays and anniversaries for their numbers were wiped out by those two numbers in the 40s. Those who choose low Lucky Stars numbers also saw their chances of becoming multi-millionaires disappear.

There were some big winners in the October 12 draw. Four tickets sold in the UK matched the five main balls but only one of the Lucky Stars. It wasn’t a bad night for them though as each of those four tickets won a total of £995,740.80. There were five other tickets sold on the continent that missed the jackpot by one ball and they won €1,315,699.90.

Well four really as one was sold in Switzerland, so they get CHF2,000,679.60. That was a bold effort by the Swiss ticket. The last time we had a record EuroMillions winner, it was a ticket sold in Switzerland that was the winner.

What are the numbers that could make you a multi-millionaire on Friday? Well, using birthday and anniversaries might not be the way to achieve your dreams of winning the jackpot. The last nine EuroMillions draws have all had a number over 31. The last draw that had all main numbers between 1-31 was on September 10. That still didn’t produce a jackpot winner. Five of the last six draws have had a single figure number.

As for the all-important Lucky Stars, number 4 is due an appearance. That hasn’t been drawn since August 17. The September 10 and 14 draws saw 2 and 8 be the Lucky Stars in both draws. Since then, no Lucky Star has appeared in two consecutive draws, so that must rule out 10 and 11.

The EuroMillions jackpot hasn’t been won since August 31 and it was a ticket sold in the UK that won £18 million. Will history repeat itself on Friday?