Will a Massive Lottery Jackpot Be Won This Week?

This could be a record breaking week for European lottery players. Tuesday sees three massive jackpots on the line and one has the highest ever European lottery jackpot.

Monday evening sees a $238 million Powerball jackpot up for grabs. No ticket has won the top prize since the August 4 draw. Will a big week for lottery players begin with this jackpot being won?

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is one that is very difficult to win. That’s probably the understatement of the year because it hasn’t been won since May 2021. Tuesday sees the jackpot at a massive €274.3 million. A rollover will see Thursday’s top prize go through the €275 million barrier.

There are three SuperEnalotto jackpots held every week. Each rollover sees the jackpot climb by just over a million euros. It’s been doing that now for nearly 16 months and the current jackpot is the highest in the history of the Italian lottery.

With 90 balls to choose from, that’s why it is proving so difficult for any player to land the SuperEnalotto jackpot. There is no jackpot cap in this lottery and nor is there a must-be-won draw. It’s possible we might just see the first €300 million European lottery jackpot sometime towards the end of this year.

Whereas the SuperEnalotto lottery does not have a jackpot cap, that is the case when you play EuroMillions. The maximum jackpot cap is €250 million but at present is €240 million. Once the current cap is reached, then it will raise to that figure of a quarter of a billion euros. It’s still below the current SuperEnalotto jackpot though.

September 9 saw a EuroMillions Superdraw take place. That had an enhanced jackpot of €130 million but the draw ended in a rollover. The same has happened in the two draws that have followed and on Tuesday September 20, the top prize will be €174 million (£154 million).

It’s a huge amount to win but it wouldn’t get the winner(s) into the top 10 list for highest EuroMillions jackpot successes. That’s still topped by a £195.7 million jackpot win by an unknown UK player in July of this year.

If those draws don’t bring you any luck, there’s still Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot just waiting to be won. That’s up to $277 million, so who knows this really could be a memorable week for lottery players.