UK Ticket Wins £171 million EuroMillions jackpot

It’s been an incredible year for those in the UK who play the EuroMillions lottery. Friday September 23 saw the sixth jackpot win of the year with total winnings nearly £800 million.

The latest jackpot win saw a ticket sold in the UK win the £171 million jackpot. The winner has come forward to claim their prize but it’s not known if they will remain anonymous or go public.

Their ticket was the only one able to match 14-15-22-35-48 and the two Lucky Stars 03 and 08. With those numbers drawn, we can rule out anyone who uses birthdays and anniversaries when making their selection.

The win is the third highest by a ticket sold in the UK. To illustrate just how amazing a year it has been for the UK, all three of those wins have come in 2022. July saw a record £195.7 million won and before that, Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucestershire in England, won £184.2 million.

This latest success just pips the previous third largest win which was £170.2 million won in October 2019.

It’s also a record-breaking win for the UK. There have now been 120 tickets sold in the UK that have won a EuroMillions jackpot. This September success takes the UK one ahead of France and six clear of Spain.

Six wins in a year is the most the UK has achieved since the seven jackpots won three years ago. Three more jackpots will need to be won to equal the record of nine tickets winning the top prize in 2015.

Five of the six EuroMillions jackpots won this year by tickets sold in the UK have been over the £100 million mark. Another target to aim for is winning £1 billion in jackpots in a calendar year. Just over £200 million is needed for that to be achieved. That’s not going to be easy though with no more Superdraws planned this year.

The EuroMillions jackpot had reached £171 million two weeks after the latest Superdraw. A few more rollovers would have seen the jackpot cap of 240 million euros being reached. The jackpot cap will remain at that level but can go as high as 250 millions in the future.

That’s not the highest a European lottery can reach. The SuperEnalotto jackpot still hasn’t been won since May of last year. Tuesday’s draw has a jackpot of 278.3 million euros. The same evening, the EuroMillions top prize returns to its minimum £14 million.