Short and Long Waits for Lottery Success

Short and Long Waits for Lottery Success
Two Canadians have become lottery millionaires. However, one didn’t have to wait long for his success while the other had been waiting for 36 years.

Nathaniel Marksman hit the target at the first time of asking with a $1 million Lotto Max win. The 24-year-old from Ontario won his big prize in the draw held on June 3 and initially thought the lottery machine had broken down.

He’d gone to a local store to check whether his first-time purchase had won anything. The machine revealed that was indeed the fact but Nathaniel couldn’t believe all the zeroes he was seeing. He asked the clerk if the machine needed repairing but was told he had won $1 million.

Understandably that piece of news left him in a state of shock. “I got in my car and cried happy tears,” recalled the $1 million Lotto Max winner.

The first-time lucky player plans on using his winnings to help pay off his mother’s mortgage. He also wants to give some of his winnings to his brother. That way he’ll know his niece and nephew can “have a safe future.” As for himself, he believes now he has “a chance to live better.”

Also celebrating is Stephen Dixon from Scarborough in Toronto. He’s won $20 million playing the Lotto 6/49 draw. His win has taken a bit longer to achieve though. Stephen has been trying to become a lottery millionaire by using the same numbers for 36 years.

He first used them for a lottery called Wintario. Despite not having too much luck he decided to then use them for Lotto 6/49. The numbers are special to him as they are “significant family dates” and they helped him to a July 9 jackpot.

When the 70-year-old first told his wife they’d won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot, she thought their win was only $20,000. He told her the real amount but as is often the case in this situation, he was met with disbelief. “She was convinced I was playing a prank on her,” he recalled.

He hadn’t checked his ticket until his son reminded him to do so. While out running his errands, he popped into the Sunstar Convenience store. Like Nathaniel he was about to get a big shock when using a lottery machine. It said ‘Big Winner’ but when he saw $20 million, Stephen thought it was an advert for the next Lotto 6/49 draw.

Time to ask a store clerk to work out what was going on., ‘Oh my God, you’ve won the big one!’ said the clerk and she began to start dancing and cheering. Other customers soon started celebrating the Lotto 6/49 winner.

Stephen says he isn’t a materialistic person and the win is “not about struff, it’s about family.” Plenty of holidays around the world are planned “creating stories that will last a few lifetimes.”